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Geek Prom on Rocketboom


Field correspondent Chuck Olsen at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Geek Prom.

Oh, and tickets went on sale today.


Anyone not going to the cities want to get together here in Duluth for a Geek Prom North? We could be the geeky people who are so geeky we can't even get to the real prom so we have to do our own thing... wait a minute... isn't that sort of the whole idea behind Geek Prom in the first place?

If it was small enough could rent the Hartley nature Center

Hey, I wonder if the film barn would be available for a screening of some geeky film like Life of Brian or Blade Runner or something like that... Hmmm... I think mayhaps inquiries are needed.

life of brian is a geeky film? where have i been?

I sent the link to drew after the bus link. I thought they would have contacted you Paul. I guess not.


Um, I think about anything by Monty Python qualifies as geeky, but maybe that is just me.

I, unfortunately, won't be going to the twinkies for the GP. Been there too much lately and after this weekend my pocketbook can't handle the cost.
A local booze and geek movie anti-prom would be keen. I... hesitate to say this, but I have all the Monty Python movies (and shows) on DVD if they are needed. Other potentially geeky material I have would be Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dangermouse (vhs), Schoolhouse Rock (I think), Bladeruner (if that is indeed geeky), and various other British animation.
Actually, Alan Sparhawk has our copy of a very very cool animated Canadian semi-short called "Ryan", which if we could get back from his touring self would be way cool to show at the barn

It's just come to my attention that GP is on the same day as MageCon... any geeks on the board care to explain what THAT is??

MageCon is in NEBRASKA! Ya dork! ;)

Does anyone know if the prices listed is per geek or per geek couple?

Prices are per geek. It's hard to imagine too many geeks will have dates.

Seems efficient. I think the buy-one get-one on the Bodyworks exhibit is a nice addition.

Is that Amanda Congdon lady going to be there?

real geeks don't travel that way

that's bull. every geek travels with at least one other geek. you cannot get a successful d&d campaign with only one person. plus, when you go to prom, you always bring mom as a date.

and this dinner, meatballs, i'm allergic to meat, it makes me break out in hives and have an asthma attack. is there a geeky vegetarian option?

You are, of course, free to eat before the event and not choose to buy the dinner-included ticket. There will also be other food available for purchase in the cafeteria. You could also bring a picnic basket, but don't say I said you could.

I don't think Amanda Congdon is going to be there, but it wouldn't hurt to send her an airplane ticket.

The Science Museum Geek Prom site has Geek Code tags, but I do not see any Geek Code there! Frauds! ;)
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