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This Tuesday night March 21. At the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Rafters. Music starts at 10:00pm sharp. its free

Fog will be playing live. That is Andrew Broder pictured above, he's pretty much Fog.

and opening the show will be Alan Sparhawk from that band Low.

http://www.fogtimewaster.com if you have doubts.

this is like that time Pavement came to Duluth


A bit off the subject, but I have to ask: Did anyone come down to the Cities to see the Billy Bragg show last night??
I was there and thinking how I should've thought to record this show for you folks...


i love that guy
he is one pissed off brit

Yeah, he was pretty ornery in an inspiring-sort of way. I'll see if i can find a recording to share...

How much does it cost?

the fog show, i mean

it is Free

it was a great show. fog had this sweet late-night-talk-show-host/sidekick comedy routine going on. and a drum machine, huzzah!

I did Interview with Fog and will be posting the auido on www.localm.com

I did an interview with fog, but it was kind of murky.

Will you be posting it?

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