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exciting news. Fog is going to be coming up here on Tuesday March 21st to play at UMD in the Rafters. He/they(Andrew Broder and company) are from Minneapolis, and they are really really great. Alan Sparhawk will be opening. I'm pretty sure its free, but don't quote me, and i don't know exact set times yet. www.fogtimewaster.com for their site. expect another post or 2 in the next two weeks. thanks for listening.


yes but foggy has been here all her life.

I'll be sure to wear my foghat.

goddamn, no kidding. i saw him forever ago. 've actually been listening to him quite a lot lately (along with bobby birdman, i group those two together). if only there were some way to get from cloquet to duluth. you know, something involving wheels or jets or something. damn this town.

Do not sleep on this, you suckers, Fog is where it is at!
Don't mind my "suckers" language, I just think it adds so much to my posts.

?whats going on?

is this fog?

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