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duluth aint so bad, eh?



I find that a width of "500" is about right for photos on pdd. Alternatively you can put "100%" in for the width and it will automatically size it for you. Make sure you also change or elimante the height value.

I like the pic, by the way. Reminds me of Edward Scissorhands, only less pastel.

That picture is giving me flashbacks of the minor panic attacks I'd have whenever I flew back into MSP from Helena. So, so freaky to go from seeing nothing but brown hills for so many hours, to suddenly seeing so many identical houses in rows. Big-time culture shock.

take it easy on my man budb...he's just learnin this stuff...budb..WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING!!!!!

I'll load GIMP for you so you can edit these pics down to web size.

there was another movie that opened with a shot a lot like this, can't recall which one right now though

i made an executive decision to run the pic large instead of size it w/all my finesse & incredible know-how. this kind of picture needs to be big so-as to capture the true spirit of the architecturistic future. right on.

Brazil, perhaps

Can't say I agree with that executive decision, bud. Big pics really throw some browsers out of whack. Plus, they just make the whole page load that much slower.

You could *crop* the pic to 500x500 instead of resizing it. That would produce the same effect, only prettier.

i was kidding. i've no idea how to crop pictures much less anything else. i can't believe i actually made one appear here. i won't try again, until i'm better equipt for such activities. i appologize for putting your browzer in danger. color me objurgated.

I think the pic is fine. It's only 180k (tiny!) and doesn't distort the front page.

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