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Dear Banner Creators

Many people are uploading their own banner photos so Barrett cannot easily email them to me for the Flickr site. That's cool. That's blogging man. It's like...crazy.

However, I would love to still collect these all on the site. And I figured out a way to do it.

Please email your photos to [email protected](dot)com
(i did not pick the address. flickr auto generates it)

When you upload photos by email, use the subject line to give your photo a title, and the body of the email to give it a description.

Only email one photo at a time.

To keep with the layout of the photos already uploaded please make all subject lines "by (insert name)" Feel free to tell a story about the photo or anything else in the body.

I tested it and it works out perfectly. So upload and be happy. Go forth and spread the good news. And spit on as many girls as you can.


Clarification - Do you want us to send you photos we have already uploaded to this address or only new photos?

do they have to be photos of us actually spitting on the girls?

Only email the new photos. If a banner photo is already on the site, don't send another copy to it.

So, do you want us to send copies of the banners we uploaded already to another address?

Disregard the above question.

Okay, I already see there is a huge area for misunderstanding here. Let me try to cut this off before we devolve into hystrionical semantics.

As I see it there are three categories of banners -

1) Banners that are already being displayed on the website and banners that are posted on flickr.

2) Banners that are being displayed on the website and are not posted on flickr.

3) Banners being made that have yet to be displayed on pdd or posted on flickr.

Neil, do you want us to send types 2 and 3 to [email protected](dot)com, or just type 3?

Lawrence, I think you spend more time on this site than me.

If a banner was uploaded directly to PDD (so it was NOT emailed to Barrett) then yes, please also send it to the email address listed above. This will place it on the Flickr site. You don't need to do this, but people enjoy looking at the different banners and want to know the stories behind them.

If you did email a banner to Barrett but you do not see on the Flickr site then email it.

Or just email whatever. I'll delete duplicates.

easy answer

send 2 and 3

One more question for you Lawrence.

Who's on first?

That's right.

Thanks, Neal. I've updated the banner submission page with this information.

If anyone has e-mailed a banner to me but has not seen it in the rotation, go ahead and send it to me again or upload it yourself if you know how. I've completely lost track. Please don't send me any uncropped photos, though.

Also, kudos to whoever made the banner of the girl in beer goggles. That's awesome.

the beer goggles pic is Starfire's.

The two I am interested in are the one with the dino skeleton in canal park, was there actual skeletons down there at some poin tthta I missed or is that a photoshop thing. As well the lighthouse/liftbridge weird perspective one. IS that a super fisheye or some other odd lens or a photoshop? (if it was an untouched photo what was used to take it?)

Both the dino skeleton and wide-angle Canal Park photos were done in Photoshop.

ok, cool, thanks

if if the banner photo is on the site AND i 'ave sent it to flkr...then he can leave?

no, you must first post it to an email that you originally meant to send to barrett but instead sent to beret. the email system will automatically forward this to raspberry beret which is no longer in service. the former host of the expired domain will by default forward all comments and banner photos to prince who will get funky with it. after said funk has been gotten you must upload the picture to the flickr site by googling the girl you dated five years ago and seeking out her email address. forward the banner photo to her. make sure the subject says "sign o' the times" and the body of the email includes the recipe for boston clam chowder. if your body does not contain this it can be corrected by eating boston clam chowder thus entering your digestive system contained in your body. after five weeks you must go into your krbr account and cancel your membership. this does not affect the pdd photo, it's just a good idea. after sending the photo to your exgirlfriend you can expect it to appear on the site on the sixth saturday of april after five pm.

then he can leave.


I panicked.

I have a hard drive full of banners I have yet to upload. I'm a lazy fuck.

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