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Ok. I don't know how they keep the custard frozen while still inside of the burger, but that is nasty.

I think the real failing of Culvers is that the sound of a buttered burger with frozen custard in it is just straight gross. I just want to point out that I am not an idiot, and there is no comma. Comma equals not nasty custard burger. I see no comma. Any english majors here? Communications?

Is there ever truth in advertising? Cause I'm sure a comma would have set them back, making those nasty frozen custard burgers a few more pennies more.


OK, time to put that degree to use.

In so-called "proper" English, the sign would read "We serve ButterBurgers, frozen custard, and other items." To place a comma between two items without a conjunction is technically wrong.

That said, traditional grammar is rarely used in advertising and logo design. You often see sentence fragments and other things that would cause your third-grade teacher to cringe.

The thing is, these two items are listed on separate lines, which is enough of a separation that most people would immediately realize that these are two items, not one. Additionally, putting custard on a burger is obviously gross. Everyone knows that and only someone experiencing a temporary brain-freeze would be confused. (We all have those from time to time.)

From a design standpoint, putting a comma at that point on the sign would throw off the balance of the words.

The best solution, therefore, would be to switch the items:

Frozen Custard

Good show Barrett!

I'm impressed that they actually use an apostrophe properly.

I see no comma.

mevdev, it's a fucking sign, proper rules of grammar do not apply. Is adam telling us to transistor our weekly calendars or is the logo merely telling us that transistor is our weekly calendar. A comma would greatly weaken the visual impact of the statement.

Cause I'm sure a comma would have set them back, making those nasty frozen custard burgers a few more pennies more.

Don't even get me started on the punctuation errors on this one.

I sure didn't wake up this morning saying, "You know what, I'd really like to become a Culver's apologist today."
I guess I have no choice in the matter, I am the sole defender of the butter burger and the frozen custard dish or cone. Which are not combined. They are served searately. In separate containers. Is this clear? Or did I miss a comma somewhere. (And before someone takes umbrance with my punctuation on that last sentence, despite the interrogative use of the word "did", it was intended to read as a rhetorical question and therefore finish with a flat intonation. A period helps to imply that.)

Let's recap, shall we:

Butter burger=good
Frozen custard=good
Butter burger+frozen custard=not an option unless you do it yourself you disgusting freak.

I guess I was typing my missive while Barrett was composing his and I didn't see it. Good show, Barrett. Much better composition and a lot less bile. I guess that's the difference between an English major and an english minor.

God, that B Cookie sure is a jackass.

I like their hamburger-flavored custard.

jesus christ, you're all fucking jackasses. barrett, you shoud be ashamed of yourself for trying to put your major to use. it's a point of fact that, after graduation, english majors are too fucking drunk, depressed and unemployed to ever care to write properly again. i think i can speak with authority here.

Culvers good.

Thank you, OMalley. That's all I was really trying to say.

No Problem, glad I could help.

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