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Creepy Japanese Things


I just thought I would start a new thread regarding this discussion that started under a previous post.

So what do you think? Is the "Creepy Japanese Things" category offensive? Is it just fun? Should PDD be more PC? Are we "Eurocentric numbnuts"?

Let's face it, there are a lot of creepy Japanese things out there on the web, and it's fun to look at them. The gap between our cultures is what makes it fun. (And if you look at trends, we often end up adopting Japanese ideas 10 years later anyway.) Also, if some Japanese people had a blog with a "Creepy American Things" category, I wouldn't be offended at all.

Maybe we should change it to "Creepy Foreign Things" and be equal-opportunity offenders.

Nonetheless, if people feel differently, I will admit that my opinions are stupid, and remove the category.


there's nothing to discuss. if we need to watch our mouths or become politically correct cause sometimes there's a conflict then we bend our freedoms to please. it's like making deals with terrorists so they might be nicer. nada.
we do not cow down. if anybody in particular doesn't like some of the things that are posted they can always join the christian right blog on the other side of the street.
right? we can name things anything we please & if it's a problem call the goddam police, but NO WHINING!!!
for all i care you can call it creepy jap shit. they did bomb pearl harbor & try to take over the world only a half century ago. sort of like us now. creepy wasp things or simply american creepy crap wldn't bother me at all. i'm anti-everything & everyone. from now on. that does it.

Any culture that creates a Hello Kitty vibrator deserves its own creepy category.

I just like the phrase "Creepy Japanese Things." It has a wonderful poetry to it. I hope it's a band name some day.

Though, I was disappointed when I posted the World of Warcraft/Coke Commercial that I couldn't use the category because, technically, it's a Creepy Chinese Thing.

I am actually in favor of some level of "political correctness", however, it has gotten overblown in several instances and a bit absurd sometimes. Creepy japanese things doesn't bother me in the least for 2 reasons. 1) It doesn't ascribe 'creepy' to people who are Japanese (as a whole group), rather to some products that are made in Japan 2) I have the distinct impression that if someone would come along and post a bunch of things that where Russian (or whatever country)and creepy there would be no hesitation in creating a new 'Russian creepy things', the point being we are not singling out specfic cultures. 'Japanese' is merely a way to identify a location, so if we use the 'wierd stuff' catagory it is implicit that it deals with american stuff as this is a blog that in general deals with american phenomina, which I guess is actually point number 3) I would even go so far to say the blog is not eurocentric, but IS UScentric, and that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT as it is a blog about an AMERICAN location, with occasional observations about other places. It is good, right and proper to foster a global perspective but sometimes it can be out of place. How can a blog which has an overwhlming % of it's memebrs who are Americans possibly hope to represent a global perspective?

I'm all for the first amendment. Call something creapy if you like. That's what's so great about the internet. Just understand that we are basing it on our own culturally constructed ideals. To many Japanese those creepy things are norms, as are our own creepythings to us, like banging our heads to heavymetal or piercing our genitles. To call them creepy is fine, just know that it is being Ethnocentric.

I believe that if you frequent this blog long enough, you'll soon discover that 'our' (i.e., PDD denizens, because we can pretty much relate to each other...we all pretty much get along, and can usually tell when one of us is being serious or attempting to be funny.) definition of 'humor' is in a sense a bit warped. Not in a bad way, but...it's unique.

On the whole, we post here for and to the bemusement, amusement, edification and enlightenment of others in our community.

I like things the way they are here...what we do here and how we do it. The quirkiness of this blog is what makes it so unique. I just hope that we never have to resort to the use of humor/nonhumor disclaimers on our posts. It'd take the fun out of it.

I live in Japan and can tell you that there are a ton of creepy things here (my favorite was the machine at the bowling alley that was like the loose claw game where you try and grab a stuffed animal, but this machine had live lobsters in it - no lie). If you can't laugh at them (the creepy things - although we laugh at people a lot too), what can you do? And as far as PC goes, the Japanese are the least PC people in the world so don't sweat it.

American culture is rather creepy too..... but I think it would be a lot creepier if Detroit and Seattle were destroyed by atomic bombs a little while after the rest of the country was half destroyed, and then we had to figure out what to do and how to be.

I love it when folks cover up their stupidity by whining about political correctness.

I was going to address the knee jerk pc whining that would crop up as a result of my observation.

When I read the responses I was reminded of Bill O'Reilly's recent rants about the "War on Christmas." You all did well to parrot the remarks of Billy O. You should be proud of yourselves.

Barrett I think I know enough about you to know that you are not a racial bigot. I believe firmly that you harbour no ill will towards the little yellow folk of Islands of Nihon.

The rest of you right wing reactionaries, I'm not so sure about.

You know, I consider myself a liberal, and when liberals make ridiculous statements blaming pervie video games and Hello Kitty vibrators on the bombing of Hiroshima, I just want to hide my face.

well..somebody thinks highly of himself...

thanks jon for bringing up the war on christmas. we christians have been persecuted in this beautiful country for way too long and i have been uncomfortable about the anti-christian sentiment on this blog for quite some time. i was just afraid to come out against it before now. barrett, please stop attacking my beliefs. can't we all just have peace?

damn you and your christian ways maria, I want to kill christmas, you here me? kill kill, kill! oh wait that wasn't me, that was ummm someother rabid person, can't remember who though

Maybe we should have a "Creepy Texas Things" category...because, well, I'm from Texas and...I often post creepy things.

Call me creepy, but I think I want one of those lap-pillow thingies that guy's got his head on.

edge: i know you were against me all along. i will piss on you from heaven.

in.dog: i want one of those pillows too, but only if they smell like cooch. good christian cooch.

"well..somebody thinks highly of himself..."

"in.dog" what does my opinion of myself have to do with your narrowminded kavetching about political correctness?

Yeah, Joan, I whacked off and had half a beer for breakfast this morning

wow - this is the best discussion I've read on PDD to date. Does anyone remember the skirts that came out a few years ago in Japan that were made to look see-through? And they came preprinted with illusional underpants? Weird and creepy.

They weren't even real, Hillside. Just a photoshop job.

I know, Jon, that's why they were so weird.

I'm pretty sure that the Persistence of Vision Hubcaps could be considered Creepy American Things.

Hillside, I mean the skirts were never made. The photos of the women wearing the alleged skirts were "photoshopped".

The Persistance of Vision hubcaps is more stupid and pointless than creepy. Just what we need on the road, more distraction.

Creepy is in the eye of the beholder.

Holy shit, Jon, you're just taking on all comers, aren't you? I like it!

"...and in this corner, weighing in at a buck and a quarter, taking on PDD Nation..."

Creepy the dwarf is in the mouth of the beholder.

I find it incredibly amusing that you're so attatched to this catagory, Barrett.

What does it cost you intellectually to aquiesce to the notion that you have made a correctable oversight in good judgement?

Well, Jon, I'm not convinced that I have. I still don't see anything wrong with it, and you're going to have to calm down and actually explain your views rather than screaming about "stupidity" and calling people "numbnuts" and generally saying nothing of substance.

sounds great, Greg. Why don't you come over to my house for dinner tonight? You can beat off and have some Wild Turkey for dessert

They did bring us Final Fantasy....

"I find it incredibly amusing that you're so attatched to this catagory, Barrett.
(blah blah)... you have made a correctable oversight in good judgement"

Um, Barrett didn't say "I'm keeping this category and all you eurocentric numbnutz can fuck off!", he merely brought it up as a topic of conversation to get people's opinions on the matter.

I think the general opinion is that "Creepy Japanese Things" is ok as a category, and that you're probably a jack-ass.

Make that a buck-o-five.

I'm still trying to figure out if Jon is for real or just egging the site along. It's like watching one of those mad little dogs spaz out, only in slow motion. We haven't had a flame out on pdd for quite awhile.

BTW` there must be the obligatory statement along the lines of; Jon you are at a bit of advantage as many of the people here are registered and know who one another is, so I can't get away with calling Barrett (or anyone else) names without some social pressure to justify it or shut up, you have it easy and are bit of a coward for having a hissy fit at a bunch of strangers who may be the best people around if you ever met them, so either shut the fuck up or introduce yourself and... you know, make an effort at not pissing people off you obviously don't have a clue about what you are talking about.

Maria; heavenly piss? Perhaps it can quench the fires o' hell, crackle crackle!

Once again I must state how ridiculous your attatchment to this catagory is.

How is this a correctable oversight in good judgement? "Creepy Japanese Things.", gives the appearance that you and this community are only interested in aspects of Japanese culture that you can make snide, judgemental comments about. I am pretty certain this is not the case, though the hostility that my commentary has been met with seems to suggest otherwise.

Joanie, dear, the recipe calls for you to beat egg whites. Those aren't egg whites.

98 pounds, dripping wet.

Edgewood, it doesn't matter who I am or who I know that is associated with this blog. Your ingorance is acceptable because it can be transformed. Unfortunately it is propped up by what appears to be a rather myoptic world view.

Bad Cat, am I a jackass beacuse I disappointed that the current citizens of my old hometown are very much the same as the ones that I left?

"I am pretty certain this is not the case, though the hostility that my commentary has been met with seems to suggest otherwise."

You are seriously complaining about the amount of "hostility" that you've gotten? Until you joined the conversation, it was civil messages of people giving their opinions on the subject. Your first comment here: "I love it when folks cover up their stupidity by whining about political correctness.". Sorry, but how the hell does that not deserve to be handed back to you with a side of shit?

In comments, it's kind of hard to tell if someone is being serious, sarcastic, humorous, or funny. It's easy to misinterpret their meanings. However, some comments (like many of yours), are pretty clear. Jon, please consider registering and then stepping up to the podium with other named members, rather than sit in the back sniping with the benefit of anonymity.

I would be creepy too if if this happened to two of my major cities after half the county was destroyed by firebombs.

Folks, history....

You know what would really make me laugh? A catagory for "Flamboyantly Homosexual Things."

That seems to fit right in with the message you're sending with "Creepy Japanese Things."

Adding it to my "to do" list...

"Bad Cat, am I a jackass beacuse I disappointed that the current citizens of my old hometown are very much the same as the ones that I left?"

No, you're a jack-ass because you're acting like one.

If you took the time to notice, many people on this board have many different opinions, but we all respect each other. We may jokingly give each other shit, but we don't presume superiority over others. However, you got on here, started making personal attacks. Calling people "stupid", "knee-jerk pc", "right-wingers" (shudder!), "narrowminded", "judgemental", and "ignorant". Of course you are going to draw attention to yourself! (or is that your whole point...?)

If you seriously have problems with the "Creepy Japanese Things" category, please, come forward, step up, speak with respect, and we'll listen. Show up at the door with a banging fist, and I'll be the first to knock you on your ass.

To paraphrase Ronnie Reagan, there you go again.

Advocating a voilent resolution for a person that is voicing a dissenting opinion to the status quo of the pdd community? Rather reactionary once again.

Come now Bad Cat, "stupid, knee jerk anti-pc, and right-wing", are just words. I mean that doesn't imply that I am catagorizing the people who post on this website that promotes,"Creep Japanese Things." I'm just showing my appreciation for all things Duluth and not just the members of the community that are "myoptic, reationary, and ignorant." I suprised that you didn't get that.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

After school. By the bike rack. Be there! ;)

"Come now Bad Cat, "stupid, knee jerk anti-pc, and right-wing", are just words."

Unfortunately, being that this is a blog, words are all we have here. You make or break yourself on the basis of what you write. If you care enough to read through many of our comments, you will find many dissenting opinions that are not met with such a visceral reaction. We are not a hive-mind here. There are often disagreements and different beliefs.

So why do your posts prompt us to such a frenzy? Because you, and your words stand out in terms of being rude, hurtful, and and dismissive. It is your words that isolate you from the PDD community.

Have you noticed that others have voiced dissenting opinions on the "Creepy Japanese Things" category? Why is it that we let them pass, and instead focus our full attentions on you and your words? Because, you sir, are a jack-ass.

For all I care, everyone on this site can just listen to my fartings.

I don't think it's been mentioned that "Creepy Japanese Things" might not be a negative thing.

Two-thirds of the classes I'm taking this term are Japan related. I like learning about Japan and part of that is definately because of the abundance of weird stuff present. Also, in the great land of contrast that Japan is, it's amazing how so much of life is decidedly conservative while juxtaposed against this sort of seeming craziness.

Ugh - why did I just click on a Japanese fetish site while at work...

how dare you make fun of the myopic. i've been wearing glasses since the 1st grade and let me tell you, it'not fun being called four-eyes by the school nurse.

Oh man, did you really have to post that alison. It's going to take a lot of jambalaya to drive that "face buried in fart" image out of my head. Maybe the categorie should be changed to "weird japanese things" after all.

"Like that, Greg? Do you want me to beat it like that?"

"Exactly like that."

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig, you get dirty; and besides, the pig likes it.

I think it may behoove us all to follow George Bernard Shaw's implied advice and ignore Jon (the 85 lb. coward). Maybe he'll just shrivel up and blow away.

Thank you for completely validating my argument. You are generally correct when you state that words are all you have in this forum.

Words are how you convey your attitudes towards thinks like Japanese things.

*le sigh*

or, say your anonymous attitude towards a group of people. For wanting to focus on words you have a poor grasp on how to do it.

So... Bad Cat, what have you been uo to now a days?

Gettin in trouble as always. ;)

edge, cat...wanna play some Go?

I gotta move this weekend, but I may be able to squeeze in a game on Sunday night...

I'm uncomfortable with the phrase "creepy japanese things." I don't really think it's okay, actually.

Sure, I'm up for a game of Go. It sounds quite... creepy. ;)

Most likely I'd be up for some Go on Sunday.

You know I searched around Duluth today and could not find a Go set. I found a little set within a cheap book but that doesn't count. Looks like I'll have to order online.

What is it that makes you uncomfortable Rory? The way I see it, it describes things that are creepy that are made in Japan, rather than saying those Japanese are creepy for making this stuff, I can imagine and would have no problem with someone elsewhere posting about Zombie Flash Mobs as creepy (especially with the latest incident), or LARPs, or... But, perhaps you have a point if you care to expound upon it.

Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the categories expanding all the time? Isn't there room for Creepy European Things in the future, or Creepy Crypto-Fascist PC Things, Creepy Duluth Things, or Creepy Lost-My-Sense-of-Humor Things? Gosh, categorizing things is creepy. How about a category devoid of all descriptors, called merely "Things." That should only offend B-movie monsters (oops, is that a reference to Japanese things?!).


I sent you an email with a link to a go board site...


check it out. They sell the same ones that Paul has.

I think you have my email addy...I might be out of communicado for the weekend save my cellie...if you need it...check your email. we can hook up through there...

i like jon. he defends himself w/bravado against you creepy jap lovers.
yuk yuk yuk
seriously, i like everyone so that's not saying much. leave jon alone & he'll come home wagging his dog behind him.
& for the rest of you, quit being so redundant.
the issue here is are we being disrespectful of japan. the answer is: yes & no.
there. that shld be the end of it.

Maybe mention of haiku will will spur 100 comments for this post!?

I, vicarious,
was just thinking the same thing.
Let the games begin.

haiku, the great balm
let verse carry comments high
one hundred our goal

Creepy Japanese
Inflamatory topic,
Can't we get along?

After thrashing Jon,
I went home, watched FoxFire.
Angelina nude!

Ernie my smart pal.
Said: You may win "net" debate.
But you're still a tard.

Of course the irony that you would chose to use the great intellectual and spiritual gift that is Hokku to continue your degradation of the Japanese culture and people.

April Fools, SUCKERS!

Irony, you say?
I am the ironic1.
I revel in it.

"Congratulations, you're a scumbag."

go home and sleep well
April 1st is upon you
With much viciousness

So no "Flamboyantly Homosexual Things" category, then?


I admit as I type this that I have no intention of reading all the above posts first. I know that no Japanese would be offended by a post topic called "Creepy Japanese Things".

In my brief ten day stay in Japan, I saw some "Creepy Japanese Things" I will never recover from. I don't think any less of the Japanese people (I really love them dearly) but I sure as hell have no qualms about calling some of their products and pratices "creepy".

Sandraker, I am sure you're ten day stay was time enough to really understand the people of Japan. You could accentuate your vast Japanese cultural knowledge by visiting the Japanese wing of EPCOT Centerr.

Sandraker, I am sure your ten day stay was time enough to really understand the people of Japan. You could accentuate your vast Japanese cultural knowledge by visiting the Japanese wing of EPCOT Centerr.

the great obsession
great minds distroyed, too bad, alas
first stone, glass houses

I guess I don't know why the assumption is that if you have a discussion about something that is creepy and from Japan, that you somehow cannot or don't appreciate all the brilliant aspects of Japanese culture as well. Are they mutually exclusive thoughts? Does each message about something creepy need to include an example of something we find inspiring or beautiful? Seems like the traditions of Japan like Bushido, Japanese cooking, flower arranging and gardening, Shinto, sumo, the Japanese way(s) of practicing Buddhism, the art of kanji (the J-version), shamisen (though personally it grates on my nerves after a while), and the rest aren't under attack in any way and are most likely appreciated in varying degrees by many who frequent this site. I have lived in Japan for three years and can give you a long list of things that are amazing about this country, its culture and its people. I can also give you quite a list of things that I find creepy (interestingly creepy and creepy creepy). I would like to reiterate that, IMHO, the average Japanese person most likely would not find a discussion of "creepy Japanese things" offensive or racially derogatory.

I am curious if others out there have been to Japan (particularly those of you that find this discussion offensive or fodder for the "ignorant")? Have you had contact with some Japanese folks that were on PC patrol about their culture? Also, it seems like a 10 day trip to [insert destination here] after studying aspects of that country in university would be a great way to gain knowledge about said country. Just my two cents.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the claims made by folks that have visited Japan for various lengths of time, which for some reason or another makes them defacto experts on Japanese people.

The major claim that is made is that most Japanese woudln't have a problem with a particular site administrator's die hard obsession with the "creepy" aspects of their culture. Even though this site's members and administrators have shown that they have little use for the inspirational and admirable aspects of Japanese and Asian culture.

The sad fact of the matter is that the Japanese hold Western culture with high esteem. Because of this, they would more than likely surrender any shame or anger they may have towards your obsession with making a spectacle of the morose or perverse aspects of their popular culture. Blind consent does not justify the continued and outright racism exhibited by the creators of this site and the support of that racism by some of it's contributing members. Just because they Japanese people might think this racism is acceptance, doesn't make it "ok.

How about this. I love Asian women... without having been there and without really understanding anything about them or where they come from. Is that just as bad as having another opinion about the weirdness of another aspect of the culture?

Der. Of course not.

This isn't hatespeak... we don't hate or ridicule anybody. Just stuff. Creepy stuff. Creepy stuff that you can only find in Japan. It's plastic in various forms, not people.

How infantalizing can one be? So, now the argument is that Japanese people can't make their own decisions about what they find offensive or not? Only "enlightened" western males can make that decision for them?
"Oh, those Japanese have such a wonderful culture, but they can't think for themselves, thank GOD I am here to speak for them!"

Bad argument, try again.

I think you could make a reasonible argument if you could get beyond Freshman level self-absorbtion and listen to other people and attempt to understand what they are saying.

(obsession: an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone)
the only true obsession on this topic I see resides within one anonymous commenter

How about this St. G. Your objectification of Asian woman is as bad as the accentuation of Japanese pop culture that can be pointed out and ridiculed that some of the members of this site seem to hold so dear to their beings.

How about this St. G. Your objectification of Asian woman is as bad as the obssession with Japanese pop culture that can be pointed out and ridiculed that some of the members of this site seem to hold so dear to their beings.

Edgewood, nice work on making the assumption that I am a ultra-sensitive white guy liberal. You also make the point that an ultra sensitive white guy can't possibly speak for the Japanese people, which you are 100% correct. This flatly discredits any of the defacto Japanese cultural experts that think the Japanese people would be a-ok with PDD's caricaturization of their culture.

i'm not racist! i have an asian friend. plus, i really like egg rolls. mmmmm.

1. You don't have to be "white" to be western.
2. I never said your where liberal, however you HAVE been arguing from a disengenious postion that some may mischaraterize as liberal.
3. From the start you have taken a postion that assumes to speak for Japan-as-a-whole without explaining why you are able to do so. Did you live in Japan, are you Japanese, did you take an intro to Japanese culture at community college... ?

I tell you, you fit wonderfully in today's political climate, by willfully ignoring and mischaracterizing what others have said. You had made a snide comment early on comparing people on this blog to Bill O'Riley when it appears that your style is much more fitting for comparison, a style both insulting and disengenious. I am not sure weither you are dense or malicious, if you read through the multiple instances of coherant arguments there is plenty to refute the basic premise of "you're all a bunch of racist jerks for having such a catagory". If you care to join in the adult conversation it would be interesting to hear something well thought out which acknowledges what others have said without being insulting.

I am a bit disapointed that Rory didn't post a follow up to his intial comment, as it would be interesting to, you know, talk about this without resorting to intractable stances of assuming that "everyone here is a racist" or "what an asshole".

feel free to flame out though, if nothing else it brings the comment count closer to that magical 100 mark.

jon-it's called a sense of humor. you should try one out.

1. I'm sorry that your support for this catagory makes you a racist and that makes you uncomfortable. That is an issue that you need to work out on your own.
2. I've not made any statement blanketing all member of the PDD community as racists. I've only singled out the members like yourself that are unable to come to terms with your blatant use of demeaning language towards the Asian and Japanese people.

3. If there had been a justification presented to me that I found intellectually satisfying the conversation on this matter would be finished.

4. St G.'s comment "It's just stuff. Plastic stuff only found in Japan." sums up the "multiple instances of coherant arguments." Which is to say that the justification of this racism is weak at best.

It seems from my perspective that the only time non-asians want to discuss asians is when they are villifying asians (i.e. Creepy Japanese things.), objectifying asian woman or they're talking about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. All three examples have been brought up in the course of this "discussion."

dear jon
your intellectualizing of this post is not only senseless but has become more than a bore. we recognize your opinions & you're welcome to them, but why not voice them to the moon or find someone who gives a shit. i've not seen one positive thing come from you here. your antagonism is obviously getting you off. you're one of those people who like to hear themselves talk.
stick around, by all means,but you're just another voice gargling in the ratrace choir, to quote a phrase. my advise is either get a soapbox & stand someplace in person pontificating your endless viewpoints or teach. you'd fit well in the pithy academic arena. that's a compliment, the best i can do. i'd appreciate you expounding on my comments obtusively & w/relish. on your mark....

Jon, I don't have a "die-hard obsession" with Creepy Japanese Things. I suspect you'll probably respond ragefully that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think that I do.

It's just hard to acquiesce to someone who is being rude and uncivil, is making very few points other than name-calling, and as Chris said, is displaying no sense of humor at all.

Anyhow, flame on. Let's get this thing up to 100.

But, WHAT IS your perspective? What direct experience do you have that lets you make the broad assertions?

This is not the only context in which I or others here have spoken of asian things, the game Go, haiku and sushi are three very recent topics in which "creepy", "pearl harbor" or "objectifying asian woman" have not been mentioned. Sorry we missed the flower arranging, perhaps if you care to post something interesting about it we can be educated.

I think you have a poor understanding of what people have said. Some things that are made in Japan that are creepy does not = Japan is creepy.

a given object does not = a culture's value.

The point that I made so long ago is that you have made the conscious decision to single out "Creepy Japanese things". Not just creepy things. Not just Japanese things. But "Creepy Japanese things." Message, "we're only interested in things Japanese if they are creepy."

You may not consider your catagory as hostile or diminutive towards Asians or the Japaneses, but your focus on one negative aspect of the culture suggests otherwise.

All this jibba jabba makes me want want two of those lap pillows to flank my bedside, add a glass table top and a lamp and you would be set.

They have sold 3000 of them so far.

"made in japan" was a sure-fire way to tell if something was gonna bust right away when i was a kid. my dad sd it was their way of getting back at us for what we did. by the time i grew up japan had reversed that notion entirely by flooding the market w/the best electronic tech in the world followed by the best cars. america is still trying to catch up.
since the "japs" tryed to kill my dad he had an attitude about them, but my father has vanished & so has the idea that the japaneze are vengeful beings. they're not. they are zany, fun-loving & creepy just like us. waddaya know. just wanted to add that to this so perhaps i cld be the 100th.

I love those crazy laps. R.T.'s should put a few on the bar.

they're only 90 bucks!

yay chris you got the 100 mark. *throws confetti*

Hey Jon, if you hate us so much, and you hate our categories, and you hate our attitudes, THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?
Damn, you're wasting my air in the futility of your non-stop ridiculous arguments!
I don't even want to have an intellectual discussion with you anymore. I tried that earlier and it got me no where.

So instead, I shall
write a haiku about your
really small penis.

Way to take over post 100 with a 2-part post!

Jon, it's not objectification - appreciation! Don't you have any appreciation for anything?

Someday I intend to visit Japan and along with seeing a taiko demonstration, some kabuki theatre, and going to a WWII history museum, I want to buy a copy of Gimme Gimme Octopus on DVD so I can watch it and feel like I'm on drugs without actually using any.

We tease because we love. And I'm sure if you cared to ask rather than assume the worst, drag politics and throw down your race card, you would know that.

No offense St. G, but I'd rather you didn't use your peversions to justify our point of view...

I kid! ;)

Bad Cat. I didn't realize that you considered promotion of racism as a ridiculous thing to object to.

But now that I look at how intensely you have argued for the existance of such blatantly racist language as part of your "community" I should have come to that conclusion on my own. My bad.

jon, just wondering, do you ride side-saddle on that high horse??

Only when you're at the reins, Freaky baby.

i'll try not to pull to hard. but you would like that!

Oh you know what I like CF!

I try to discuss politics, and I get stupidity. Yet C-Freak talks perv and get's perv right back!
Man, I'm going about this thing all wrong!

Perv is something everybody can relate to. Maybe politics should be more pervy.

"Maybe mention of haiku will spur 100 comments for this post."

Thus, I have succeded...

Hmm . . I don't recall claiming expertise about anything, not the least of which Japan or its culture. I do happen to hang out here every day though, so maybe through simple experience I have gained a bit of passing knowledge on the subject. But expertise? Not a chance. I offered my post only as a first hand perspective on the subject matter (for whatever it was worth).

If you all came to where I live in Japan, you would know that the idea that >>"the sad fact of the matter is that the Japanese hold Western culture with high esteem"

sorry - got cut off.

continued . . .

is a bit misleading (what led you to offer the statement?). City folk are into their fashion (though the young people in Harajuku are more representative of modern JAPANESE culture than the hordes carrying Louis Vitton), some movies go over well (albeit 6 months late), and there is some western food (often made to suit Japanese tastes - salmon roe on pasta for example). Beyond that, I would buy you an onigiri if you could show me more. Two more cents.

since I started all of this in a way...(sorry, I've been moving during the major part of this threadline, and have missed quite a bit.)

I'd like to thank my Community for getting my back. Really, you guys RAWK...

Jon, my initial categorization of Go under Creepy Japanese Things was in no way intended to be insulting or condescending to Japan or the Japanese. My reasoning is for my own humor and those around me. It was an open invitation to potential interested parties to a friendly game of Go and Beer...which go together quite nicely.

If you think you can take me to school for some inane little comment and twist it around to your advantage simply to make yourself feel superior to a group of people you don't even know, or to somehow make me cow to your self ascribed intellectual superiority...you're sadly mistaken.

Fact is, I don't need to justify myself to you, or anyone else for that matter. The Community here got the joke, exactly as I intended. If you expect me to censor my opinions or postings to suit 'your' opinions and world view, you're shit out of luck.

If you wish to carry on a conversation sans pithy and petty personal attacks, then you might find that this community (or, Family) will find it easier to accept your point of view.

You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

THAT'S tellin 'im.

I'm no expert on Japan but I was over there for a year and I will submit this to you. There was a chain store in the malls with creapy American things. It was like a Spencer's Gifts but it seemed as if it was stocked in the 70s. It was full of all sorts of crappy adult knick-knacks you'd find at a truck stop. They also had a large, beat-up bag of Lay's potatoe chips. My friend translated the sign for me: "Americans eat with one mouth." Meaning, one person eats the whole bag without sharing. Another thing the Japanese think is creapy is our food pyramid.

We *are* creepy!

speak for yourself. i threw that pyramid out years ago.

beer makes me "go". gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. thank god for adult diapers.

in.dog you would have no place in this discussion if you had an alternative catagory to "Creepy Japanese Things."

Ostensively this blog is a representation of the a certain community of my old hometown. What you post on here for better or for worse will shape the impressions of those outside of the community.

In the body of the post that Barrett created to launch this thread he asks, "should we be equal opportunity offenders?" Which to me acknowledges that the catagory of, "Creepy Japanese Things.", comes off as a bit demeaning.

The fact that there isn't any other expressed interest in Japanese culture, (with the exception of a few haiku's and discussion about the best sushi in the Twin Ports.) Says to me that your only interest in Japanese or Asian culture is for those things you deem "creepy."

I certainly don't want to believe that my friend Barrett is a racist. I brought this issue to his attention, because I want Duluth and Barrett viewed in the best light possible. I would think that as members of the community you would share this goal in common with me.

Through the course of this conversation it has become clear to me that many of you are comfortable with the strong possibility that "Creepy Japanese Things." can be viewed as demeaning and racist. If this is how you wish to potray Duluth then by all means keep up the "good" work.

Creepy Over-Intellectualiztion Things. Creepy Extreme Delusional Self Righteousness Things. Creepy Jon Things. Creepy Fucking Vicarious Things. Creepy Please Shut The Hell Up And Laugh Things. Creepy Nobody Cares Anymore Things. Creepy I Hope This Isn't The Jon I Think It May Be Things. Creepy Total Honesty Things.

And now for the haiku weather:

I think I smell worms
Coffee Creek roars beneath me
Thank God for springtime

Bring back The Cheat!

and kelly...whatever happened to kelly?

"I brought this issue to his attention"

Because the line "you're a racist cock!" gets results every time!

viva la cheat

alas, soon to fade
this post has set a record
discussion no more

First, yes, I suppose that I too am an anonymous poster.)

Personally, I think a point to bring up is simply that the term 'creepy,' does not always exemplify something being 'bad.'

For example, many people like things that they find creepy, simply for the fact that they are creepy, and as such, generally quite unique from other things that can be found.
That being said, and to quote someone else, "creepy is in the eye of the beholder." That, is a fact which is very true. 'Creepy' can also be a term to specify the type of thing being discussed, when thinking of the general populace, which to the audience might not actually be creepy at all.

I personally, while of course finding many Japanese things interestingly and amusingly 'creepy'(The same can be said for many American and other countries' things as well!), I too plan on, and will greatly enjoy, living for a period of my life in Japan in the future.

Lastly, to say that this topic shows the site's interest only in things degrading to its culture when discussing Japan, is frankly a ludicrous statment, as I would hope could be seen. There are many things that go unsaid, simply by lack of a need. Perhaps all of the people here greatly appreciate Kabuki, Bushidou, and other things distinctly "Japanese", but whether by lack of topic(and not wanting to start a new one themselves...), or simply a common discussion-not-needed interest, those things have not been discussed.

While I'm sure that some kindling could be found in my post, I don't see the need for a greater flame to burn among this community here.

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