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I just posted a comment replying to Total Information Awareness and I get a call on my work phone.

I picked it up and said my spiel and he said, "Is this battalion S1?"

I just replied with, "No man, you got some serious problems."

He said, "Sorry I must have the wrong number",

"yeah buddy, yeah, you got the wrong number!"

so... be careful what you write online or someone from the military will call you!
perhaps next time it won't be a wrong number


You aren't serious, right? Do you truly believe that the US govt. read your post, then called you at work? I assume you're being facetious. If not, there are treatments for extreme paranoia.

Seriously, I'm a computer programmer. The government has nothing like that.

It was just really ironic, so I thought I'd share it.

Otherwise if you want me to lay on your couch I could try and talk out my problems. (facetious remark)

I once had a telemarketer call a wheelchair elevator at a job I worked at. I told them the lift didn't need new siding.

We know all of your underware sizes.

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