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Banner Story - Simon's Mohawk

I love the new rotating banners and I have been curious about the stories behind some of them, so I thought I'd kick it off with the hopes that some people would share the story behind the picture.

The above head and attached mohawk belongs to my son, Simon. You can see the unbannerized photo here. At the time of the picture he had just turned 6. He had been begging for a mohawk for over a year and in the summer of 2003 we decided, "sure, what the heck." Simon's mohawk was an interesting experience for him. He got a lot of attention, and not all of it welcomed by him. He's basically a very private person and it was weird for him to have strangers talking to him on the street, even if it was overwhelmingly positive.

I loved Simon's mohawk and am kind of sad he has returned to more mundane hairstyles, but it's his head after all. I particularly liked that it annoyed my mother.


Great story. Thanks for sharing I always wondered if that mowhawk was on an adult? Better that it was on your 6 year old son. Way cool.

mohawks mohawks!

LP has also wanted a mowhawk for two years now. He'll be seven this summer, and I've said he can have one, but I'm still unsure about the whole deal. I don't think he'd like the attention. Or, perhaps I'm afraid of the attention it would garner.

if people have stories they should also post them in the comments section of that picture on the flicker site.


that would be nifty.

Thanks for sharing! This is what I love about PDD. More stories people.

I fucking love that kid's mohawk! (and you're a fucking awesome dad for letting him have one!)

I always thought it was Vinny.

We let our five year old have an orange "fauxhawk last summer, it looked so effin cool. He liked it at first, but then learned(perhaps too early) what a pain in the ass people can be when you look different...wish I had a pic!

"Riot police stand watch, watching as us punks get drunk, a little bit of Turkish pepper and hash, helps to get us off our ass ..."

Where oh where is Rob May? Aside from his music and style and weirdness, I need to know if he was talking about the salt-licorice called "Tyrkisk Peber."

I got some Indian rice from the dinner last night, if anyone's interested.

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