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Any Nexties in the house?


Is anyone in Duluth into the old NeXT machines? I've been toying with mine and just love it. I think these old machines (from 1988-1993) are still ahead of their time. I dub them absolutely Nerdfect.

btw Mac os X is basically nextstep 6 or7.

For that matter anyone interested in vintage hardware?



you know me..I love the stuff...got my ti88 ready for some colored blocks...

I have an old Fujitsu HAL Station, can't get er to work tho.

My 286 Tandy 1000 kicked the bucket a couple years ago... still have a couple mid-90's PCs laying around running linux, routing traffic, and keeping the bad guys out.

Emulators have really helped vintage hardware and software. What with the fast computers we have these days and the plethora of emulators (Commodore64/Apple II/Amiga/x86/Mac/tandy, etc
and mame).

Anyone want to hire me to write games/apps for retro hardware?

I really think the next step will be really expensive hardware that would give a trs80 wifi or something. That would appeal to like 20 people. All of them certifiably nuts.


Maybe we can start a movement to have schools give us their Apple II's and we can write new apps and sell them as new educational computers. Seriously I be there is 10 times the amount of educational software on the AppleII than PCs and Macs combined.

case in point:


Hey- another NeXTie in the house right here!

I had a NeXT cube for a few years... Bought it for $250 in 1999. I used it more than the new Linux box I had just built. The guy I bought it from said he's sell me a Cube or a Color Turbostation for $250, and I took the cube because of the cool-factor. Working MO drive, even, with a couple working MO discs, one with NeXTSTEP 3.0 installed onto it. 1 GB SCSI HDD too, though. I really regret not taking the Color Turbostation, because I think I would've actually used that as my computer even more than I did my Cube, or at least for longer. The lack of color was what did it. Then, when I got a hold of it, I ran OpenStep 4.2 and then later Rhapsody DR2/Intel on my k6-2. NeXT made some beautiful machines. I totally reccomend reading "The NeXT Big Thing" if you haven't, a book about the early NeXT days, very good.

Did you go to UMD? I ask because once I was walking through the halls of UMD in 1999-2000, wearing some NeXT shirt I bought off of eBay (nerd!) and someone stopped me and was excited, saying "Hey, my computer is on your shirt!" Just checking to see if that's you.

I ended up selling my NeXT in 2003 or so, surprisingly for the same I paid for it. I put an add in the Ripsaw, and by chance, some guy from Chicago who was visiting Duluth saw the ad and bought it. I wasn't expecting any takers, but I didn't want to go eBay and deal with shipping that monstrosity.

I still remember when I bought a G4 and later an iBook being annoyed it wasn't as slick as my cube, even though the hardware was a ton faster (25 MHz m68k Cube vs 400 and 500 MHz G4 and G3)... Alas.

I love vintage hardware, especially weird stuff. I have had a fetish for the Apple Newton and the Cambridge Z88 by Sir Clive.

NeXT is still great, NeXT/OpenStep are still the best desktop OS made so far, and the Apple Newton OS is the best PDA OS made so far.

Woot! Go TP-NeXTnerds!

About the Apple II thing... There is a very healthy movement aroudn the A2. There was a guy who used to go to UMD, Lucas Scharenbroch (sp) who was a part of the A2gs community. He did a port of Super Mario Brothers to the Apple2 GS, it was right sick. You can even buy an ethernet card for the A2 these days...


Do you still have rhapsody for intel?

I *was* a CS student until I learned that their program was woefully in the past. I got a music composition degree instead. Also I just got the NeXT big thing in the mail from amazon. A while ago I read iCon and man did that guy hate Steve Jobs. I don't even know why that guy wrote that book. I threw that book on occasion because the guy was such an ass, making generalized statements constantly.

I've got to get me an ethernet card. I've got an old IIgs, it's even the woz edition.

1999 and 2000 are hazy. In fact, they are down right lost. If I did see you with a NeXT shirt I for surely would have commented. I was in CS then.

aaron, you should email me. Check my bio on pdd for email addy.

Anybody still play Spaceward Ho out there?

Oregon Trail just isn't the same with graphics that aren't all green.

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