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and now here's something we hope you'll really like...


we (sleepfarmer) worked hard on this album and it's good. it came out today. it's called "happy(?). you should go to the electric fetus or disc go round and buy one. or contact dan ([email protected]) and i will get one to you. all procedes go toward relocating dan to washington so he can finish college. it's a good cause and, again, a good album. thanks and rock on.


How's 'bout a little sample?

Is he going to drop out to come back for Homegrown too?

i'm not leaving until june. it looks like homegrown will be our last show. and as soon as i figure out how to upload an mp3, there will be a sample.


yeah...so i can't figure out how to upload a track for interested parties to hear. sorry. you can call me and i'll hum something for you.

send me a track I'll post it online for you at www.localm.com

Dan, just go to www.yousendit.com

It's a great site for quick uploads. Well, it may take a while to upload, but it's super easy. Just enter your own email address in the first line, find the mp3 you want, and send it. When it's done (make sure you have a book or something) you'll get a new page that will have a link that you can copy and paste here. You'll also get an email with the same link.

Yeah, new album!

here's a link to the first track if anyone's curious. it's called "california". (thanks ZB)

click my name. sorry, i'm internept.

okay. if this doesn't work i'll stop.

Interested in meeting up with me for an interview about your album?

sure. we can talk shop somewhere else. drop me a line at [email protected]

Localm.com is proud to help out Sleepfarmer

Download California at

FYI, the yousendit.com link works OK. You just have to paste the link into their converter window to make it work. I don't know why, but that happens sometimes.

At any rate, I can't wait to pick up the CD! "California" is sounding awesome. Where/how was it recorded?

thanks again, ZB. we recorded and mixed this one ourselves with the delicate assistance of marcus matthews. initial tracking was done on a tascam 2488 at our various practice spaces and apatments. then it was dumped down to my mac and some additional recording (like the strings and some vox) were done in digital performer 4. then i mixed it in dp4 and it was mastered with t-racks 24 and a wall of dave hill compressers. so, this ablum is entirely ones and zeros.

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