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And Now for Something Completely Groovy

Keeping with the Monty Python theme, here is a newly unearthed clip of four of the Pythons being interviewed in 1975 during a PBS telethon in Texas at the station that introduced the Pythons to America. Check out the groovy clothes and hairstyles and Graham Chapman lighting up on the air. They also discuss censorship, the BBC, commercial television, and the imminent release of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Great stuff.


ya know, I VAGUELY remember this occurance (I was four, but do remember early Monty Python). Channel 13 was our PBS station growing up in Dallas/Fort Worth, and the sisters and I would sneak into the hallway from our bedrooms to watch TV while we were supposed to be sleeping. the rents would be on the couch watching the tube, which was postioned so that they couldn't see us. I caught a lot of late night TV that way...Carson, SNL, Python, Benny Hill...

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