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a geek can dream


Finally, a wrist computer that will get you laid. Leave it to us Italians to make something this hot that cancheck your email.

Check it out here

features include:

  • Direct-access keypad
  • L1 16-channel GPS receiver with active helix antenna
  • IrDa (up to 4Mbps)
  • Bluetooth v1.1 (up to 721 Kbps)
  • LAN 802.11b (up to 11Mbps) with "hardware coexistence handshake"
  • Specific internal antennas
  • Supports "different configurable audio/video user interfaces"
  • Supports Linux or Windows CE


Before I even got to the name, I knew it was a "baci" post. When I see the picture, all I can think of is Glitch from ReBoot.

ive got a hip computer the canchecks the garbage.

I want one of these for:
-a new garage door opener -something that sends a doorbell message to me anywhere in my house
-to see what time it is
-to host my website so I can change it at any time
-listen to mp3s
-a contraceptive method

Someone could get this and then they could be Detective no-pussy or no-dick Tracy.


dr. bronner's son was @ hcis yesterday. ted sang a hippy song and I got a bottle of soap autographed. I was I had my new wristcomp to blog-n-run.

OK, when you said a computer that helps you get laid, I thought you meant it did something like this:



The idea of you with the wristcomp blogging on-the-go is both terrific and terrifying. I always did like the Sun Dog chapstick.

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