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The White Stuff

So, during the course of the day today I seen 1) The USAN building get hit by an SUV 2) A minivan sitting on the sidewalk in front of The Paper Hog 3) a street light get knocked over on Lake Ave, which fell onto a different car.

Has this mild winter made everyong forget how to drive in snow?


1) 11.1 inches is not a particularly common snow. 2) Temperatures were in the teens during this event so salt couldn't work its magic quite as effectively. 3) There are a lot of idiots out there.

It's a fact: We had 11.7 inches of snow, exactly 5 years ago.

I got a picture of the last one!
Crazy Days of Me

Robin Goodfellow's +8 Force Field came in handy, I see.

Just tonight I was drving and coming up to a stoplight, hit a big patch of ice and the car wouldn't stop, so I steered into a snowbank. Did a 180 spin, but no damage and no injury.

we didn't do much driving around this time, other than a trip to brunch and the store for groceries...

bright and early yesterday morning, I slipped on the Stegers (only for the third or fourth time this winter) and went to Leif Ericson with my snowshoes and wrote my name in the snow...again...got pictures of it this time...then found my way to the railbed of the Scenic Railway and hiked down to the building near 21st and back...

might do Chester today, perhaps...

foggy saw a midget in a minivan clip a parked car once. she kept on truckin.

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