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Split Lip Rayfield News.

Split Lip Rayfield

I know it has been a while since Split Lip Rayfield have played in Duluth but some of you out there remember those high octane shows. Now they are on hiatus because of guitarist Kirk Rundstrom's recently discovered Esophogeal Cancer.

From their website.

2/01/06 SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD to cancel current tour dates

We regretfully announce that our guitarist, partner, and friend Kirk Rundstrom has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

With the support of those closest to him, Kirk is seeking immediate and aggressive treatment for his illness. He is in good spirits and has a positive and willful attitude, suitable for the trials ahead.

We know and believe in our friend’s strength. With the added support of Kirk’s family, his many friends, and our amazing fans, he is destined to beat this illness.

If you are able to help financially please click on the “Make a Donation” button below, or send a check or money order, as well as any words of encouragement to:

Kirk Rundstrom
314 N. Volutsia Ave.
Wichita, KS. 67214
[email protected]

The first time Split Lip came to Duluth they arrived all pretty hung over from their previous show in Chicago. It was summer so I took them for a swim in Gitchee Gumee and as always the big lakes healing powers prevailed and that nights show was amazing.

Here's to a speedy recovery Mr. Rundstrom, get back to Duluth just as soon as you can.


I hope he will be OK.
I have dragged out different groups of friends to see them play at the 400 Bar and at Lees and they in turn make new fans out of all who come along.

Keep playing music, Kurt. Music kills cancer.

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