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Now that football season is over ...

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I think we should start a campaign to change the Minnesota Vikings' kickoff music. For the past few years, the Metrodome has rocked to the Guns 'N' Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" during kickoffs, and that was perfectly mediocre. But wouldn't Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" be far more appropriate?

1) The song totally rocks. 2) It opens with insane screaming. 3) It's about VIKINGS. 4) First line: "We come from the land of the ice and snow."

I did not come up with this idea; I heard it first from Andy Saur (one of the Coffee Artists). There are also a few blogs out there that mention it, but none of them have a call to action. Damn it, I want action. Let the comments section of this post serve as our petition.

Come on Perfect Duluth Day, stand tall with me and send a message to the Vikings' front office: "We are your overlords."


I don't give a crap about sports, football in general, and/or espicially the Vikings, but having Imigrant Song would totally kick-ass!
Welcome to the Jungle? WTF? That makes no sense at all!
More on how I feel about this: http://users.wolfcrews.com/toys/vikings/

But make sure it's the Dread Zeppelin version!

Immigrant Song would rule as a Vikings kick-off song.

Friggin.Welcome to the jungle.Gah.That song sucks.

Friggin.Gun 'N Roses.Crap.

[Continues muttering to self.]

(BTW, web moderator guy: when I preview, the text is black on black. someone's probably said something already, but maybe not.)

Y E S !

I second that emotion.

are you crazy? led zeppelin would never sell their songs (to anyone other than commercials for cars, toothpaste, gloves, riding lawnmowers, p-diddy, six-flags, pencils, gum,...oh you get the idea)

...of course it make more sense as kick off music for a REAL football team that actually plays OUTDOORS in the "land of the ice and snow".

Duh!! The GnR song plays over and over. Haven't they been playing it since 90' for football games?
It's about time to take action!!!

Immigrant Song! Hell Yes! MN has much in the way of scandinavian ancestry and history. It makes complete sense that the suckin' GnR tune be s**t-caned for pure Nordic Rock, albeit British style.

Minnesota's strong scandinavian ancestry deserves this, at least much more so than some utterly horrible gnr song. Truthfully though, it's just sports, so who cares.

Too bad this idea didn't come up last year when we could have forgone liscencing by calling it the land of "Tice" and snow

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