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Last minute Valentine's Day Tip

Consider spending Valentine’s Day in beautiful Gary/New Duluth. The Vietnamese Lotus Inn is quite possibly the best restaurant in the area. But since it’s located in Gary/New Duluth, nobody seems to eat there.

I recommend the pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup. But don't ignore the various curries, ginger chicken, rice noodles or spring rolls. Each dish is more delicious than the last.

After dinner, spend some time exploring Gary/New Duluth's night life. The war memorial monument in front of the school is a nice spot.


i've heard nothing but good about the Lotus...but have as yet to venture out that way...

Big yum for the Lotus. I get cravings for their eggrolls at least once a week. I agree that Gary/New Duluth is extremely romantic and the nightlife is fantastic. The best part is that it's only a quick skip across the bridge to the booming metropolis of Oliver.

don't ya'll come at once now.
we only got one street goin thru & there's traffic jams startin to show up in downtown gary every day & night. next thing we'll have a traffic light & then a new strip mall...after that...who can tell?

Growing up in Gary was sure nice! Even if it was for only about 3 years.

Still, it was like growing up in a small town. Heck, we used to even call Commonwealth, "Main Street." I didn't even know that it wasn't called that until sometime in high school!

Can you believe that my mom actually felt safe sending me a block away to the Milk House for Fortune Gum (it cost $.01 a stick). I got to cross Main Street all by my self at the tender age of 7!!!

Fishing at the Boy Scout Landing was always a highlight of every summer. I used to love drinking that cold, cold water from the natural spring at the bottom of the hill that leads down to the landing. Of course, now-a-days there's a big sign warning people to NOT DRINK the water as there's carcinogens and other nasty things left over from the steel plant contaminating the spring.


Well...when in Oliver (just a short jaunt across the aforementioned Oliver Bridge...) Don't forget to pay a visit to their premeire drinking establishment...The Eldorado...

I say it's time for a field trip...what kind of hours does the lotus keep?

They're open until 9 Monday to Thursday and until 10 on Friday and Saturday. They're closed Sunday. Not coincidentally, that's the only day of the week I've ever eaten at Hugo's Pizza, which is across the street from the Lotus.

ahhhh hugo's. where the women look like men and the men...well, they like to fuck the women who look like men. and i should know, i barely got outta there alive.

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