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Help Me Explore the Twin Ports


As a lifelong Duluth resident, I'm still surprised at all the fun things I find in the Twin Ports that I've never checked out before. For the next couple of days, I'm going to be heavily exploring some of my favorite lesser-known gems and maybe finding a few new ones along the way.

How can you help? Well, first of all, leave a comment with some good ideas for strange and unique places to go. Don't tell me to go to Glensheen or walk the Lakewalk, though. Avoid the obvious, please. Tell me about that spot on the new Lake Superior Hiking Trail section by Mission Creek where there is always a porcupine in that one pine tree, for example. Tell me about how that one bartender at the Choo-Choo will give me a free beer if I say the magic password. Give up your secrets.

Today, there's no telling where I'm going. I've heard that a person can walk from Connor's Point to the foot of the Blatnik Bridge. I've never done that. Maybe I'll try. But, at some point, I'm certainly going here.

[Note: Please disregard the mention of the Sunshine Cafe if you saw the previous version of this post. As Cachee notes in the comments, the Sunshine is closed until March 6. The owners must be on their annual vacation.]


Go to hell.

Feeling a little chained to your computer today, Adam?

RE: Puglisi Gun Emporium

Ho. Ly. Cow. That place looks awesome.

Paul -- did you get my phone call? Let me know if you're heading over. 970 and 799 and 4993.

"This gun is one a very limited number of case color guns done by Filli Rizzini. This gun has been wonderfully restocked with extra fancy wood and retains the factory wood. "


Gotta love it when the "antique" gun dealer refers to a wood as "extra fancy". Competency like that just makes you wanna buy that 15 grand gun.

The Sunshine is closed today.

How the hell did you find out about that gun emporium?!? You should check out the Statue of Liberty statue next to the DECC. It's *right there* and no one ever sees it.
I love finding crazy little out of the way places - any chance you'd post your findings when you're done?

LP and I walked the Western Waterfront Trail this morning, which you probably do often since you live by it. I only discovered the trail a couple months ago and for a while was walking there every morning. I usually park at the lot by Tappa Keg Inn (across from the zoo), take the north trail, which brings us to a small creek & foot bridge. There are usually a TON of deer there in the morning; LP & I counted eight today. He also saw two rabbits, which I missed.

Have you been through the old train tunnel? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to give directions to it. It must be be near Spirit Mt. And I have always taken the Munger Trail then cut off I THINK near where 23 crosses over Munger.
1) Course you probably have and
2) It might be the wrong time of year for that trek

The train tunnel goes through Ely's Peak, and it is quite a distance from Spirit Mountain. You take Beck's Road to 123rd Avenue West, and it's on the other side of the Munger Trail. A guy I went to school with, Mike Jasper, owns the house and property below, and is very adamant about keeping trespassers away.

Does anyone know if someone fixed the broken water pipe that used to create the amazing ice sculpture up in the Observation Hill area? I looked for it a few times this winter but haven't seen it. I saw it a few winters ago - neato.

Well. . .The Lotus in Gary is a favorite, get the Meatball Pho.

In Superior, on the east side of town, there is a really cute little main street like strip. There is a junk shop run by a very talkative old man. I don't know the street name but could get you there.

Also, if you walk around the block by Norm's Beer and Brats, you'll see a bunch of neat old buildings, one of them is haunted.

In Duluth I really enjoy going to the Oriental Grocery for some wasabi peas, which I usually eat on a swing at Portland Square.

Superior, again, SAKANA Sushi! I love it so much, I almost don't want to share.

the world's largest accordian museum (so they say) in superior

yeah that place Barrett. I am a bit directionally challanged which accounts for my Spirit Mt. gaffe. When I've gone I've always followed an atv trail a bit south (?) of that house you mention.

Do the chester creek tunnel excursion..just ask jed. Bring a flash light and a +3 scimitar of kohbold slaying, theres an encampment under the armory

Thanks for the pic of Puglisi's. I had imagined a group of anciet gangsters holed up drinking and playing poker, but, I guess an actual gun emporium is pretty crazy itself. I'll have to do some thinking about a unique Twin Ports attraction. Have fun on your journey, wear long johns.

What up, Paul? Hell's a good, strange and unique place to go.

No secret by any means but there is something magical about the beach and woods beyond the airport on Park Point. The best time being at night when the rotating beacon at the airport is on. I've had a number of hangouts there, building illegal fires, in the winter and in the summer.

I agree, I used to love living at the end of park point. To bad they built that gitmo style fence to thwart off terrorists. Not to mention the trees they illegaly cut down too. Go figure.
"The rich just get richer and the poor just get sardonic"

I agree, I used to love living at the end of park point. To bad they built that gitmo style fence to thwart off terrorists. Not to mention the trees they illegaly cut down too. Go figure.
"The rich just get richer and the poor just get sardonic"

I agree, I used to love living at the end of park point. To bad they built that gitmo style fence to thwart off terrorists. Not to mention the trees they illegaly cut down too. Go figure.
"The rich just get richer and the poor just get sardonic"

There Grassy Point Trail is pretty cool. Over behind the cement plant, next to the road that used to take you across the old scary bridge (can't remember the name of it) from Duluth to Superior. You'd end up out by the Shack.

We make a trek out to Grassy Point every summer and we're always alone. It's especially fun when the water is high. Every step you take on the floaty walkway squirts water up into the air. Last year we saw a couple of pelicans, a turtle or two sunning themselves, and lots of herons. Pretty cool.

Make sure you do yourself a favor and go next door to the Congress Bar for the stiffest cocktail from Vince the daytime bartender. The best place for a morning or afternoon drunk, and you can even see the sunset...

A possible suggestion is to troll around the geocacheing site. That is how I found many out of the way places. I could loan you a basic gps even, if you where so inclined.

You could visit my great- uncle Joe who is going to be 91 on 3/1 and still works the Saturday shift at Allenfalls. He is the swankiest 91 year old you will ever meet. Tell him his favorite niece sent you and he may give you a deal or tell you a story of some of his trouble making from his youth.

Try the bar at the Covered Wagon on 53 at B. Go on a Friday night when there's snow and lots of people arrive on snowmobiles. Tracy and Terri are the bartenders and oh so much fun. You can head across to the roadhouse when you're done.

Edgewood's a geocacher too? Sweeet.

The ice sculpter on observaction was there this last winter. I have photographic evidence.

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