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Good for them.


I love lottery stories like this. My biggest pet peeve is when someone in their 80's wins. If you are gonna win, win young I say. Congratulations you Ham Processors.


They looked so happily dazed on the news...very cool.

I'm so glad that they don't have to work all night processing ham anymore, they all announced that they intend to quit.

There was a bit on MPR last night about how most people like to focus on the bad things that happen to people who win the lottery (robbed, cheated, murdered, bad investments), but in reality it's acutually a good thing when people win a lot of money.

Man. I was pissed. They had eight people--my group had eight people. Why couldn't we have won? I guess it's because we're all graphic designers and not ham-men. Pooh.

We each put in $10, and won a total of $14. I still owe someone $4 they had to float me to get in.

I'll never play the powerball again.


/sarcasm tinged with truth

I was in Nebraska when this all went down. It was huge news. 2 guys still showed up for work the next day because they would have been short without them.
And I heard that they usually have 9 people go in on the ticket. One guy was sick they day they bought it.

I've been to that quickie mart.... sigh...

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