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February 28, 2006

Shout Run

Only really bizarre people would enjoy this - needless to say, I giggled quite a bit.
Odd movie of digital screams being thrown - I can't look away!

snow shoe rental

Where can a person rent snowshoes in Duluth? I know Hartley will, but I need to bring them "out of town" for a day...

Vote (Decc expansion)

I know the Cheerleader already posted about this, but I figured I would sneak in an extra post since the referendum is today.
Decc Reforendum Details
Duluth Election & Voting Information
Poling Places

February 27, 2006

Dr. Strangepork

Russian Style

(click on the piggy for more info and pics)



I won't go on and on about how I now know how it'll feel to see Axl and Slash reunite, because there's no way it can top what happened last Saturday night.

Hopefully, 2006 offers more debaucherous suprises like this.

You can read more about the night here.

In the meantime...

"This isn't a Bone Appetit show without our shirts off!"


"I do whatever I want to"

March radio stream

The integration of non English and electronic music has always has a certain Je ne sais pas... fascination, for me. So this month on Radio Edgeways Productions I feature a bunch of that sort of music, more or less. (Very little to no profanity this month)

February 26, 2006

Become A Local Music Legend

...sign up for the 2006 Homegrown Music Festival. Go to the http://www.duluthhomegrown.com/home.php and register your band. Who knows, you may get to share the stage with the likes of Bone Appetit. Sign up deadline is March 10th.

There will also be an informational artist meeting at Sacred Heart on March 9th at 7pm.

Pass the word to those who need to know, fame and fortune await.

PDD Social Map

Anyone with some time and technical expertise want to configure a social map at Ning.com? I created a PDD page with the intent that people could add all the crazy locations (such as the Puglisi Gun Emporium) that are hidden around the Twin Ports. I got a frame setup (cloned a Korean grocery setup), but the configuring will take some time to get right. However, I'm finding that I should probably spend more time finding a new job, then configuring code. :(
If you're intrested, contact me at mkengstrom(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll set you up as an admin.

February 24, 2006

The White Stuff

So, during the course of the day today I seen 1) The USAN building get hit by an SUV 2) A minivan sitting on the sidewalk in front of The Paper Hog 3) a street light get knocked over on Lake Ave, which fell onto a different car.

Has this mild winter made everyong forget how to drive in snow?

I've been to Duluth


This is a shameless plug for a friend of mine.

He used to live in duluth, and of course he has been to duluth.

Everybody has a blog now


"In the town (Oakland) it was if the hood had struck oil. New cars, fancy clothes, fresh drippin' jeri curls and all the sex you wanted was a twenty four hour reality."

Apparently he's Too Legit to Quit

Help Me Explore the Twin Ports


As a lifelong Duluth resident, I'm still surprised at all the fun things I find in the Twin Ports that I've never checked out before. For the next couple of days, I'm going to be heavily exploring some of my favorite lesser-known gems and maybe finding a few new ones along the way.

How can you help? Well, first of all, leave a comment with some good ideas for strange and unique places to go. Don't tell me to go to Glensheen or walk the Lakewalk, though. Avoid the obvious, please. Tell me about that spot on the new Lake Superior Hiking Trail section by Mission Creek where there is always a porcupine in that one pine tree, for example. Tell me about how that one bartender at the Choo-Choo will give me a free beer if I say the magic password. Give up your secrets.

Today, there's no telling where I'm going. I've heard that a person can walk from Connor's Point to the foot of the Blatnik Bridge. I've never done that. Maybe I'll try. But, at some point, I'm certainly going here.

[Note: Please disregard the mention of the Sunshine Cafe if you saw the previous version of this post. As Cachee notes in the comments, the Sunshine is closed until March 6. The owners must be on their annual vacation.]


Vicarious' recent post led me into a chain of memories that led me to look up this article by Slim Goodbuzz.

I was at that event, and it was so much fun I could barely take it.

Who's doing stuff of this caliber these days? Why am I not invited? Even if I'm not invited, why is no one documenting it? This is clearly the hub for all such fun. Let's hear about it. Let's make it happen.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen. And attitude is everything.

charlie parr is so hollywood

keep an eye on http://www.lawrence.com/turnpike/ to see a sweet interview and some live songs that charlie played in lawrence, kansas a couple of weeks ago. this is big that he's getting a little segment on this tv/web show because they usually stick to just sweet sweet groups out of the evergrowing lawrence scene. i dont know when the stuff will be up but it will be soon. yay.

February 23, 2006

Big Truck

A few weeks ago, I was lying in bed watching Jaws. My husband (who always falls asleep hours before me) was snoring and farting almost too loud for me to hear my favorite part. So I got to thinking, how in the world did I get here? What turn of events came to be that I wound end up watching TV next to this sexy son of a bitch snoring and farting away? I thought about it for a week or so and came up with this: Big Truck! When we met, he had a really big truck. When I was a teenager, that was high on my list of priorities - boyfriends with cool vehicles. So 13 years and a couple of kids later, here I am.

Does anybody out there ever think about crap like this? I'm curious to know.

By the way, I popped my cherry tonight on this entry. I've just recently been turned on to PDD and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks all.

Schizophrenia, Aging and Art

This has been around on the web for a while, but I still find it fascinating.
Louis Wain was an artist who drew images of cats for children's books. As he began to suffer from schizophrenia, his art style changed dramatically.
Profile of Louis Wain
Schizophrenia, Aging and Art


Remember when some PDD posts received 30, 40, 50 and sometimes even 100 comments? I wonder why that doesn't happen anymore...

So I went looking for archives of the old PDD site, hoping to examine what kinds of posts solicited a lot of comments and converstaion. But I could not find those archives, which made me sad. It also made me think of this:

Ever since people starting making an artform out of the internet, or rather, using the internet as a medium for art, something has been gnawing at me. Today I finally realized (I'm slow) what it is: all the art that is created in this digital medium 1)Doesn't really exist in any spatial or dimensional reality 2)Is sculpted onto a non-tensile fabric of which we have no real control 3)Is as ethereal as the wind

So when I read, for example, Barrett's excellent blog, I am always a little sad. And I'm always hoping he's printing his writing out on real physical paper and stashing it away for his grandkids to read.

"Hotel California" will not be played


Saturday February 25 • 9PM
Dave Frankenfeld / Jerree Small
Twin Ports Brewing Co.
Broadway and Ogden • Superior, WI

February 22, 2006

To Handle, or Not to Handle?


Monday on my way home from work I ducked into the neighborhood LQ to pick up a fifth of my favorite cheap bourbon (Old McAfee's Benchmark). The man behind the counter apologized and explained the store was out of stock. He suggested that rather than a fifth of Benchmark I buy the giant sized plastic bottle (aka the "handle"). "Much better deal. You get a free quart, basically."

I was stymied. I love the Benchmark and part of the reason I love it is because for half the price you get a bottle of Bourbon that tastes better than Maker's Mark. In other words, "you get a free quart basically." So I'm already into the bargain liquor. But the giant plastic bottle? What does that say about a person? Am I ready to take that step? I went with a pint of Jack Daniels (foul stuff!). I'm not sure if I should suffer buyer's remorse, or pride for my self-restraint. Or was it an aesthetic decision? Those plastic bottles are ugly. What would you have done wise ones of perfectduluthday?

Good for them.


I love lottery stories like this. My biggest pet peeve is when someone in their 80's wins. If you are gonna win, win young I say. Congratulations you Ham Processors.

Redneck Dwarf

Okay, if you haven't played World of Warcraft you may only find Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth mildly humorous. But if you have... do not attempt to read this comic while imbibing any liquids you don't want sprayed all over your keyboard.

You've been warned.

Bushra Rehman Reading/Slam

I saw Bushra Rehman read and speak about her work on Monday up at UMD. Her poems are heartfelt, sincere and open personal experiences into expansive realms, at times, and reflective moments at others. I'm not sure how much reading she'll be doing, as she's listed as a guest speaker at the slam, but she's worth checking out. It's also worth jumping on for the slam itself.
Pizza Luce 8pm Thursday night.
More info on Bushra Rehman- http://www.d.umn.edu/unirel/homepage/06/bushra-rehman.html

It's voting time again!

Don't forget, Tuesday is voting day.

Man-oh-man, do I hope that new DECC tax is crushed.

Seeking Tonya Van Camp

I found a bunch of old letters and cards addressed to Tonya Van Camp at Emerson Tenants Co-op. Seems Tonya lived here once and I'm guessing someone out there knows her whereabouts. If you see her, ask her if she wants these letters, and have her email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink...


PBS will be airing SIX New Monty Python specials this spring.

"Each of the exclusive to PBS six one-hour programs will focus on one member of the original Monty Python troupe - Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones - and showcase favorite clips from the group's television series and movies, mixed with new footage. The five living Pythons - Cleese, Idle, Gilliam, Palin and Jones - will each produce and write their own episode, with the five collaborating on a sixth special to honor deceased member Chapman."

Naughty bits!

February 21, 2006

Bill Graham Presents

I just came across this website this evening and i think it is very cool for fans of great music of the 60's and 70's.

Basically Bill Graham's estate is now webstreaming the archives of thousands of hours of live concert tapes from all the shows they produced over the years. There is some pretty incredible stuff here. I don't know how long this will stay online before some of the artist's legal teams get into the picture, but for now enjoy.



remember awhile back i posted the entry about the haley bonar and andrew bird concert here in the cities this thursday? well i blew it. the concert sold out and i have resorted to some desperate measures!

anybody got some spare tickets laying around or brilliant ideas, besides purchasing tickets a week+ ago.......

I want another job

I think I am ready to start the preliminary phase of looking for new employment. My current job has become boring, and things are changing that may remove some of the benefits I felt it offered.
I/we would like to remain in Duluth but in general if anyone knows of something, in a northern climate, close to water that involves skills I may have let me know.

Oh, and you Mac Heads might find this enticing(not releated to the above post)

Entertaining Murders, I Mean Movies.

Im preparation for my first post I went through my netflix history and reviewed all the movies my wife and I have watched over the last three years. Boy, did we see a lot of shit! But, we also saw some great stuff. Below is a list of my favorites. The only criteria was: terrifically entertaining.

The Blind Swordman: Zatoichi (the one directed by Takeshi Kitano)

The Station Agent

The Killers (1946)

Touch of Evil

The Deep End


The Lady From Shanghai

Little Dieter Needs to Fly

The Great McGinty

Read My Lips

Out of the Past

The Staircase

Criss Cross

Pickup on South Street

Children's Record

I'm sure that someone here can confirm a question that I have. Is the song they're talking about here from the Slim Goodbuzz thing that was recorded in Lindquist's living room a couple of years back?

If so, I think that's pretty neat.

February 20, 2006


February 19, 2006


Lovely Orange Couch

V-Nick and I recently upgraded our sofa situation. We weren't sick of these couches but a sweet deal fell in our lap so we took it. That leaves us with an orange couch and chair that need a new home. I realize orange is not everyones cup of tea but someone out there in Duluthland must find these appealing. I purchased these couches from Duluth Thrift when they were on 4th St and they treated me well. They are very solidly built and the couch is long enough for napping.

We would be glad to help with delivery but you will have to find a vehicle big enough to haul them. So drop me an email and let's get you into a new couch!

Lovely Orange Chair

Oh, the horror...

Somebody slap me...
Seeing Sally Struthers' face on the last post made me think of Barbie - not just any Barbie, but the Western Barbie that winked one bright-aqua blue eyeshadowed eye when you moved her arm. Back then, that was pretty hi-tech for Barbie. I didn't have one, but I remember thinking that the neighbor girl that did was *so* cool... So I thought I'd do some googling on Barbie, for purely nostalgic reasons, since Ezra has banned Barbie from playing any type of role in the MoonBaby's life. (I don't mind, even though I still have all of my Barbies from growing up.)

Imagine my surprise when I read this... and then read this...

Two reputable news sources - CNN and CBS - actually devoted airtime to these stories. Am I really so naive that I can't imagine that the general public actually *cares* that two plastic dolls, regardless of the iconic status of Barbie, broke up and now are engaged in typical Hollywood dramas?

Please, can someone enlighten me? Or pelt me with Barbie heads until I get it?

February 18, 2006



I'm about to get a little Sally Struthers on ya'll. Just wanted to let the PDD world know about a project I'm working on in Kenya. Basically, what it comes down to is this: There's a bad drought in Kenya right now (going on 9 months w/o rain). I was there last month and witnessed the devistating affect it's having on the people, especially the Maasai (you might know them as the people David Hasselhoff was jumping with in the video a few posts back). The Maasai rely on their now dying cattle for food. If you have a moment take a look at the special site I've made to tell others about what's going.


There are interviews, pictures, my own account and ways that people can help of they feel so inclined.

Thanks for your time PDD.

February 17, 2006

Ladysmith - $10 for Students


Hey there. Maybe this is widely known, but the student price on the Ladysmith Black Mambazo show is pretty darn good. Thought I'd spread the word. The Monday March 6th show sold out, so, Sacred Heart added another show the night before.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Sunday, March 5, 2006 - 7:30pm
Sacred Heart - Duluth, MN

Get Tickets at Electric Fetus.
Regular price is $30 in Advance / $35 at the door / $10 with a student ID

Naboo Tattoo

naboo.jpgI was in the Center for Personal Fitness in Miller Dwan today and saw a woman who had the Royal Crest of Naboo as a tattoo on her back. Whoever you are, mystery woman, you are automatically entered into my top ten list of geekiest women in Duluth.

February 16, 2006

Exit Wound in a Foreign Nation

hole.gifI was fooling around with some Google Map Mashups and found this one which answers the age old question, "If I start digging straight down and through the earth, where would I end up?" or, as They Might Be Giants would more provocatively invite us to do, "make a hole with a gun perpendicular to the name of this town in a desk-top globe."

Unfortunately, when I dug my hole underneath the Aerial Lift Bridge, I ended up in the Indian Ocean. So much for digging to China. I knew I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque.

Oh, in case you were wondering, to dig to China you have to be somewhere in South America.

John K. The blog.


The father of Ren and Stimpy and Goddamn George Liquor is now a blogger

Hooked on a (nauseous) feeling

St. G got this in his "Hasselhoff fan club" email and sent it on to me. Now I feel compelled to share the pain with you.
WARNING - The following video is not recommended for; people with high blood pressure, back, neck or bone injuries, heart trouble, recent surgery, pregnant women or any physical or mental illness.
Now I'm off to rinse my eyes with bleach.

Honorary Golden Bear


* * *

Aren't these old guys adorable. I picture Barrett and Paul in 40 years.

February 14, 2006

Last minute Valentine's Day Tip

Consider spending Valentine’s Day in beautiful Gary/New Duluth. The Vietnamese Lotus Inn is quite possibly the best restaurant in the area. But since it’s located in Gary/New Duluth, nobody seems to eat there.

I recommend the pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup. But don't ignore the various curries, ginger chicken, rice noodles or spring rolls. Each dish is more delicious than the last.

After dinner, spend some time exploring Gary/New Duluth's night life. The war memorial monument in front of the school is a nice spot.

Happy Valentines Day PDD!

Star Wars Valentines from SomethingAwful.com

Guns Don't Kill People...

CheneyNRA.gifVice Presidents Kill People

and people in tuxes

with silly grins.

Great article on salon.com today about our zany, whacky Vice President.

What will he do next? The mind boggles.

February 13, 2006

Somewhere, a copy editor rejoices ...

It's no longer up, but earlier on nbcolympics.com, they had this to say about yesterday's short-track speed skating event:

"Ohno! Stumble Costs Apolo"

Now that's good headline writing!

[Incidentally, I just read in the bios that St.G works where they're making nbcolympics.com. So see, I'm not completely off PDD track ...]

[But now I am: St.G -- poke your head in someone's office and tell them that you're overwhelmed by e-mails happy to see so much Nordic skiing action on TV.

[and Koos and Newell will win the cross-country sprint relay tomorrow. Bet on it.]

Deconstructing weirdness

Every day, the first part of the Duluth News-Tribune I read is the Letters to the Editor section, and every day, I hope for good ones. What constitutes a "good" letter in my definition? Well, it certainly isn't a letter that's well-written and/or insightful, that's for sure.

The best letters are those that show a line of thinking that's completely foreign to me. Political whack-jobs of either wing are always good entertainment. But sometimes you get a great letter with no political bias at all, like the one that ran last Friday, "Pigeons are God's creatures, too."

In the letter, the writer takes the stance that pigeons are "love-filled birds" and denounces a recent DNT article about pigeons making a nuisance for a local day-care center. "The innocent, peaceful doves, with love coming from the same sources as our own, probably were attracted by the love and peacefulness of the home-based business," the writer states.

The writer goes on to recommend encouraging and aiding the pigeon population by contructing low-cost housing for the pigeons, rescuing their eggs, and gathering donations to purchase pigeon food.

Because apparantly, pigeons don't thrive in the city.

Keeping to the format, the writer goes Biblical at the end, citing God's love for pigeons and how Israelis used to sacrifice them in religious ceremonies. And while people generally don't sacrifice animals to God anymore, that doesn't necessarily mean He has stopped loving them: "Pigeons and doves are probably still held in high esteem by the guy who made them," the writer guesses.

Whenever I read a letter like this, I like to imagine what the person's life is like. If people calling pigeons a nuisance gets you upset enough to write a letter to the editor, what must your emotional state be like when confronting the rest of the news?

For the record, I kind of like pigeons. But ... damn.

Who's got wood for sheep?

Catan.jpgI had a great time the other night playing Catan with my kids and some friends. My eight year old, Simon, uttered one of my favorite Simonisms to date:

"I'm not having one of my better games. I almost never have one of my better games."

It was a lovely Charlie Brownesque moment. Truth be told, he almost won it. I love my geeky kids.

Dick Cheney = Aaron Burr?


February 11, 2006

Fashion Forward

Come on! Take the step into the future thaty you know you must and start wearing more jumpsuits.

The time for pish poshing is long past and the marriage of form and function is undeniable. Trendy, flexible, utilitarian and unisex, the jumpsuit is now. Especially with skiboots. fashion_2_1973.jpg

The State Champs | The Very People | The Tap Room | The Tonight

All I know is that The State Champs and The Very People will be playing tonight (Saturday) at the Tap Room in Duluth. Don't know what time, don't know about a cover. I just play drums.

Thank you.

gathering (free pdd stickers)

The spouse is gone for the weekend and I'm at loose ends, anyone want to have a pdd potluck/gathering on Sunday evening? Can use my house, I'll even pick people up from the downtown area if you are vehicle-less. Perhaps a short Hartley hike before...?

mmm, how about three ayes to make it happen (more then 3 welcome)

Don't be shy, I don't bite, have good references, and contrary to rumors put forth by the penguin mafia am not arrogant

February 10, 2006

Quiet Bears

quiet bears.jpg

Hello, there this is a short notice show announcement of sorts.

If you came to that Thanskgiving show in our living room, you might want to come back for Quiet Bears.

They're from Iowa.
It's their first tour.
They're really cute.
and very nice.
They're on Asaurus records

There will be 2 shows.
one at the Red Mug in Superior tonight at 7 pm
another in our living room Saturday (tomorrow) night at 9 p.m
1828 Jefferson St Apt D

any other questions can be directed to
[email protected]

thank you.

I got your hyperdense intertextuality...

... right here.

(Yes, there is some reading involved. Go on. It won't hurt a bit.)

Candlelight Ski and Snowshoe


There's fresh powder out there for tonight's candlelight ski and snowshoe event at Jay Cooke State Park.

Friday, Feb. 10 | 6 to 9 p.m. | Meet at the River Inn Visitor Center

There will be miles of candlelit trails, a toasty fire, refreshments and me. Skiers will need a Minnesota ski pass, which is available for purchase at the park. There's a big crate full of snowshoes there for the borrowing, but it's important to call ahead for dibsies -- 218-384-4610.

Life Rankings.


What if like Ebay there was a site where we could rank each other on life transactions. Teachers, Doctors, Lovers, Sales Clerks. Treat the convenience store clerk poorly-NEGATIVE! Buy a nice gift for your lover-POSITIVE! So-so in bed-NEUTRAL! Everyone could rank each other! Of course you could defend your rankings and there would be a way to see trends over time. Just imagine the possibilities.

February 09, 2006

Alan Sparhawk Project

The web comic does a mention of Duluth's very own.

Check Panel 3 of Questionable Content

The comic itself can be amusing at times, but can be teeth grinding at times as well (as with anything I suppose)

This is How We Roll

Consider this the first entry for the Longest PDD Graphic Post Award.

Transistor staff & sleeping partners: I have comp tickets with, literally, your names on them.


February 08, 2006

Up Late?


Sigur Ros (who I'm kinda nuts over these days) is gonna be on Conan O'Brien tonight.

I for one will either record it or stay up late to watch...

February 07, 2006


anyone know where i can get a "duluth is a cool city" tshirt? i've always wanted one to wear with pride down here in madison. especially when low graces us in april. or if anyone has a size medium one laying around they don't want...


in effort to post more i share this gem from my recent life, err yesterday.....

i was flipping through a magazine and talking on the phone when i came across the ad below. i had to look twice and busted out laughing. at first i read the ad as your stupid instead of your cupid. one part says this is a reaction from my bitter side, another says it is about taste as the jewels in question are hideous and yet a third side says maybe i am stupid because it would be you're stupid.

anyways tasteless necklaces and cheesy cards will be accepted through the 15th....


Banner Photos

i'm in the process of setting up the banner photos on flickr.
barrett will email me the pictures after he adds the logo on to the pics.


perhaps you'd like a slideshow

February 06, 2006

Joe Polo on the US Olympic Team!

I sort-of grew up at a distance with this guy. He's my god-father's son.

Frickin MINT!

Go Joe Polo! Curling RULES!

Now that football season is over ...

VikingLogo.jpg Plant.jpg

I think we should start a campaign to change the Minnesota Vikings' kickoff music. For the past few years, the Metrodome has rocked to the Guns 'N' Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" during kickoffs, and that was perfectly mediocre. But wouldn't Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" be far more appropriate?

1) The song totally rocks. 2) It opens with insane screaming. 3) It's about VIKINGS. 4) First line: "We come from the land of the ice and snow."

I did not come up with this idea; I heard it first from Andy Saur (one of the Coffee Artists). There are also a few blogs out there that mention it, but none of them have a call to action. Damn it, I want action. Let the comments section of this post serve as our petition.

Come on Perfect Duluth Day, stand tall with me and send a message to the Vikings' front office: "We are your overlords."

Good curling!

Congratulations to Chris Plys, Matt Mielke, Kevin Johnson and Tommy Kent. The Plys Rink won the men's final in an exciting match saturday afternoon, and will be representing the U.S. (and Minnesota and Duluth) at the World Championships in South Korea in March. Way to go!



Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent PDD survey. You can read the extended version of this post for a full run-down; I won't bore you with all those details right here on the front page.

As you can see, I've made two major changes based on suggestions submitted by members. People have been griping for quite awhile about the legibility of the site. Hopefully, the new improvements will help.

OK, I've done plenty on my own, now it's time for you to get involved.

See that photo at the top of the page? We need more images of Duluth. Send me your photo and I will plaster it on the top of PDD. I've installed a script that will rotate the banner photo randomly every time you refresh your page. But there's only one photo there now, so send me yours! If you want to crop your photo to 698px by 221px, that would make my life a lot easier. Send 'em to [email protected].

And oh, hey, we're looking for someone who wants to help commandeer a links section, which will go up in the near future. This will be a large undertaking. If you'd like to be a part of the action, e-mail me at the above address.

Also, please e-mail me if you find any grave mistakes I've overlooked.

OK. I'm done. Go about your business. Or continue reading my long diatribe if you're that kind of geek.

And thanks again.

Perfect Duluth Day Corporate Report

Thanks to everyone for filling out the recent PDD Survey. I didn’t expect to get so many responses or so many great ideas. Anyway, here are some thoughts about some of the more prevalent/ recurrent ideas that you guys brought up.

PDD Bios

There were two camps here, and I’m pretty sure I understand both of them. Most people like the bios a lot, and so do I. I would like to somehow rotate bloggers into the front page, or maybe highlight bios that have recently been updated, but this involves thinking in a way that literally hurts my head (if you think you can help here, please do). Still, it will probably happen sooner or later.

On the other hand, some people didn’t get the bios. They said that the bios seem “self-serving.” To this I say, “Um, yeah. Duh.”

Ok, listen: Different people use PDD in different ways. Some mainly use it as a way to find out about local happenings. Some use it to discuss things with other semi-anonymous online people. But others see it as more of a community, and maybe they want to connect with people in that community. Hence, PDD Bios.

It’s a little bit too “self-serving” to post an introduction on the main page. But also, for a lot of people, it’s somehow weird to just jump in without introduction. Also, when you read someone’s opinions on a consistent basis, you begin to wonder about that person. You want to know more about them, maybe even see a picture of them, or maybe (gasp) meet them in real life. I for one have made a lot of real-life friends because of PDD.

So this is the purpose of PDD Bios. It is for those of us who are interested in the personal lives of the other PDD members. The great thing is, if you see PDD as something completely unrelated to the people who use it, well, the Bio section is off in its own corner. You don’t have to visit it if you don’t need to.

A Place to Post Shows

We tried having a PDD-exclusive place to post shows awhile back. It was called Cruise Director Julie, and it was a sweet idea. The problem is, posting regularly about shows is really hard. Most bands, for example, don’t even send out e-mails about shows. If they do, you have to re-write their e-mail so that it fits the format. Also, some people send out three-page press releases, which have to be condensed, while others just say, “My band’s playing Luce this weekend.” (What day? How much? Who’s your band anyway?)

The obvious solution was to open the Cruise Director page to the public, so that anyone could sign up to create posts about their own shows and/or other shows. Unfortunately, about five people joined, and of those five, I think two posted.

It was suggested that we could create an automatic system that would draw from many other online sources and consolidate them all into one place. That could easily be done, if there were any online sources to consolidate. We are not a wired town. Of the insufficient handful of local calendars available on the web, none of them make use of RSS feeds, therefore, this is impossible even on a mediocre scale.

The best possible option by far is the Transistor. Though the calendar hasn’t been updated in awhile, we strongly support the Transistor and everything it stands for. Currently, the people involved with the Transistor are the people who make shit happen. If you begin to make shit happen, we will link to you as well.

If anyone is extremely ambitious and wants to make the best online entertainment center in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, we can certainly talk about providing all the web-related geekiness you might need. But I guarantee you that you don’t know what you’re getting into. And we’re not going to start a new feature of this sort unless it promises to really fly.

Streaming Music

This is perhaps a feature that could possibly be added in the future after more pertinent concerns are dealt with. Don’t worry, though. I would never embed music into the site so that as soon as it opens you’re assaulted with a MIDI version of Bone Appetit’s “Drive Away.” No, really, I wouldn’t.

Spell Checker

When I first read this request, I immediately thought that it was not only a good idea, but easily accomplished. Then I looked into it and found that installing a spell checker plugin on Movable Type is really, really difficult. Seriously. It’s possible, but it involves editing Perl code (which I don’t readily understand), and it involves installing several pieces of code on the server without instructions as to where to go or how to tweak it. To make an analogy, it’s like making Baked Alaska without a recipe. Perhaps, given enough time, I could do it, but I’m really reluctant to try because I think the end result isn’t very good anyway. To spell check, you wouldn’t just click a spell-check button; you’d have to go through about three or four steps. And as we know, if anything on the web involves more than one step, most people don’t bother. Hell, most people don’t bother to even scroll down. So until someone invents an easier plugin, it probably won’t happen.

In the future, I may post about “alternative” methods of spell-checking your posts, some of which you might not have considered.

Sites of the Week/Topic of the Week/Blogger of the Week/Local Band of the Week

These are all great ideas, and if anyone would like to commandeer any of them, you are more than welcome to do so. If you’d like any technical help, I’m always here and more than willing to lend a hand. But please remember that PDD is meant to be a site created primarily by the community; ideally it’s about lots of people creating lots of stuff. Which brings us to the next request…


This was easily the #1 request. Easily. What do PDD’ers want? They want to hear from a wider variety of people about a wider variety of topics. They want to hear from YOU. So post. Don’t be afraid. Do it now.

And finally, *Links*

Ever since PDD switched to Movable Type, the absence of links has left a huge hole in the site. (Un)Fortunately, I have grand plans for this new feature, which will be emerging, um, soon.

And once again, here is where you come in. We are looking for someone to act as Link Administrator. If you’ve read this far into this gigantic post, you probably have the right personality to be the new LN. You will need to be obsessive-compulsive, meticulous, extremely unbiased, and above all else, tenacious. Because if the vision in my brain comes to fruition, this section will be the best place online to find out everything you need to know about the Twin Ports. Hands down.

If have more ideas, if you have any questions, or if you’d like to get involved with PDD on a more intricate level (people with great ambition and/or great skillz are highly encouraged), I welcome any and all e-mails: [email protected].

Thank you again for putting up with this vision.

Barrett Chase
East Hillside, Duluth, Minnesota
February 4, 2006

February 04, 2006

Split Lip Rayfield News.

Split Lip Rayfield

I know it has been a while since Split Lip Rayfield have played in Duluth but some of you out there remember those high octane shows. Now they are on hiatus because of guitarist Kirk Rundstrom's recently discovered Esophogeal Cancer.

From their website.

2/01/06 SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD to cancel current tour dates

We regretfully announce that our guitarist, partner, and friend Kirk Rundstrom has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

With the support of those closest to him, Kirk is seeking immediate and aggressive treatment for his illness. He is in good spirits and has a positive and willful attitude, suitable for the trials ahead.

We know and believe in our friend’s strength. With the added support of Kirk’s family, his many friends, and our amazing fans, he is destined to beat this illness.

If you are able to help financially please click on the “Make a Donation” button below, or send a check or money order, as well as any words of encouragement to:

Kirk Rundstrom
314 N. Volutsia Ave.
Wichita, KS. 67214
[email protected]

The first time Split Lip came to Duluth they arrived all pretty hung over from their previous show in Chicago. It was summer so I took them for a swim in Gitchee Gumee and as always the big lakes healing powers prevailed and that nights show was amazing.

Here's to a speedy recovery Mr. Rundstrom, get back to Duluth just as soon as you can.

February 03, 2006

a post about toast...


for vicarious...

All around the country coast to coast
People ask me what do i like most
I don't want to brag, I don't want to boast
I just tell em I like toast
Yeah Toast!

When the first man came from Bregg.
Didn't know what to do with the bacon and the egg
Went to the store bought a loaf of bread
Plugged in the toaster
Popped in the bread
Made Toast

Maricea didn't have enough power
To make it up the eiffle tower
French Toast!!

Yeah Toast


words and music by david walters......

The gene pool definitely needs some chlorine.

Now, I'm not a fan of the iPod. I think there are quite a few better players out there. But this is obsurd.

Apple sued over iPod hearing loss

Changes at the New Yorker?


Somebody finally revealed the secret formula of comedy to the cartoonists at the New Yorker.
Here's more:

February 02, 2006

Sarah Henning rules.

At least I'm not the only one in this town that knows Nickleback sucks donkey balls.

February 01, 2006

Dr. Thunder Art Show Opening


Chuck and Lori's SOTU Reaction


If you haven't visited Minnesota Stories today, then you haven't seen this. And I'm pretty sure you want to.