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Wood for Sheep

Fear of Girls is on google video...a must see.

"You coulld make 8th level tonight..."

BTW I'm a 41st level wood elf ranger whats your class?


I saw that earlier today - reminded me a little too much of two of my gamer friends (we call them "hetro life partners").
I'm way to ADD to stick with one character for long. The highest "level" I've ever gotten is a Shadowrun character that retired because she was too rich.

Not bad, best line, "God knows that Maryanne is sterile."

I offer in response the first episode of "Yatch Rock"

"Hall and I will not stand idly by while you California vagina sailors stab the american airwaves in the balls with your shit music."

whoops, here is the link for the first episode of Yatch Rock.


Hey - is the "Wood for Sheep" a Knights of the Dinner Table reference?

It's a SOC reference (settlers of catan)..hippy risk

Ahhh - the Knights of the Dinner Table had a comic where they were playing Settlers of Catan.
"I have wood for sheep."
"What's so funny? All I'm saying is that I have wood, and would like some sheep."

I gave 10 years of my life to Shadowrun... .

...hey, waitaminute--hippie risk!? ...No ore for you!

And on a side note, my trinket +9 vs. womanly wares has served me well.

I haven't played Shaodowrun in years. However, a few weeks ago, I received a 4th edition, hard-cover limited edition (1000) Shadowrun book autographed by all the writers. I have no idea why this ended up on my doorstep, but I'm not complaining.
Guess I'll have to dust off crate of six-siders. (

i'm worried, ya'll.

Bad Cat are you running a shadowrun game?? I'll bring Tab and pizza tots

LOL - No, I'm way to ADD to be a game master. I tried it once but lost interest after making lots of colorful maps...
I'm in a weekly gaming group now. I'm not sure if there's room at the table for more, but if you want, I can try and hook you up. ;)

I'm a level 69 morning wood wizard with a +5 staff.

Shadowrun 4th Edition!? Sure by now they've bowed to all-that-which-is-evil, just given up and converted everything to D20.

Nope! Thankfully a few companies had the balls to resist the D20 license.

They are owned by those wacky Germans now.

Crazy, I never knew FanPro was German... I learn a new geeky fact every day! :D

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