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Did anyone else in Duluth have their water bill spike up last month? I have spoken with several folks whose water bill nearly doubled last month. My water bill is always very steady but spiked up last month and is back to normal this month. I am talking usage and not the price, which is always increasing.

Is this just an anomaly or is there something else going on?

sound off.


if your toilet runs, you'd be surprised at how much water you waste. i can put new guts in if that's the prob.

We don't pay utilities at our place, but I know that the folks at the nursing home where I work were in an uproar about it - it wasn't just Duluth, it happened in Hermantown, too.

funny thing happened to me was as soon as i started turning on my xmas lights my electric bill went down $5. go figure.
but my water bill stayed the same.

Must have been all those long hot showers you took over the holidays thinking of me!

Way to ruin the fantasy for the rest of us.

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