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Tax That Crack!!!

Apparently, Tennessee has a Crack Tax.


The stamp saying you paid your taxes doubles as an LSD delivery device.

So they'd rather have drug dealers paying taxes than not dealing drugs? I just don't get it on so many levels. Maybe the point I'm overlooking here is Tennessee.

Tennessee'in is Tenne'believin.

As a youth, my small, U.P. hometown gained 15 minutes of national notoriety when our local madame claimed her illicit earnings on her W-2. Apparantly, one of my former classmates is now on the Tennessee legislature!

We have the same thing
here in Minnesota.


This site has some images of varius drug stamps.


I know somebody who was busted for pot possession in TN. What this is really is just a form of double jeopardy. If you get arrested with illegal drugs they can charge you with possession of those drugs and for failure to have the appropriate tax stamps. So they come at you judicially and financially. In a way it was enacted to bust the big time operators. But who really gets royally screwed is the recreational users. If you are "big time" you have enough money to hire the right lawyers and advisors to minimize seizure of vehicles and property. Recreational users have their property and vehicles seized, usually have no recourse except pro bono state provided legal aid and are royally screwed. Current drug policies nation wide are a fucking joke, severe punishment for minor things.

-Outrage fatigue-

Drug bust property seizures have become a regular sorce of additional police department revenue for many, many municipalities. Read: police auctions.

I can only imagine how hard that would have to be to give up. Hard like crack, I'd guess.

"Tennessee'in is Tenne'believin."

I love this.

they tried to nail me with that tax in the 80's. it was astronomical. my lawyer got me out of it. dyke lawyers rawk.

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