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Sweden ROCKED!

Svenska dansband!

Recipe for a cover band in Sweden, circa 1977.

1. Get your buddies together
2. Learn to play at least 3 chords
3. Buy matching shirts
4. Use your vast knowledge of the English language to pick a groovy name
5. Rock out with your cock out.


I think you mean...

View image

Oh, yesss.

I think you mean...

View image

Oh, yesss.

wait...isn't that the recipe for CRAZY BETTY?

I think I'm going to make a few t-shirt iron-ons with those photos. Anybody interested? Let me know.

[email protected]

Way behind the times.


(I must be retarded. Couldn't get my image to show up.)


Pure, unadulterated genius!

That's also the recipe for making a great punk band circa 1977.

Movable type doesn't seem to let you put images w/i your posts...

"(you may use HTML tags for style)," apparently.

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