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Social hour

My husband and I recently moved to Duluth and we are having trouble meeting likeminded people to hang out with. We are getting tired of hanging out with my parent's friends who are approximately 60 years old. Ideas anyone???????


welllll, what consitutes "likeminded people"?
Children / Childless, liberal / consrvative, drinkers / non.
Introduce/describe yourself then perhaps someone will be able to help.

I swing

I'm way into beanie babies.
And plumbing.

pocket lint and spoon bending?

I echo Edgewood - what do you consider "like-minded people?"

In.dog and I are always interested in meeting new people. (He's the one who likes the pocket lint. I actually like the spoon bending.)

Anyway, why don't you post a bit about yourselves?

Meeting people in Duluth is kinda hard. I think it has to do with the whole "Minnesota Shy" thing, with the added incentive to stay at home all winter long.
Posting on this blog is the most interaction I've had with any new people in a long time (and I haven't actually met anyone in person).

Thats Duluth in the winter. I gave up on the bar life years ago and were in the same boat. I say we all plan a night,,, speed date for friends? I dot know. Aaron

Maybe a PDD mixer/cooktail hour? Ice skating? Sledding? Bridge? Mah Jonng? Quarters? Keg stand competition? I guess its always hard for couples to meet other couples when you're not on the baby track and not churchgoers and not in any fraternal or sporting organizations. I know it has been difficult for my wife and I, fortunately I have a pretty socially supportive (and fun and interesting) workplace that I don't feel weird about hanging out with after work. But it's been about 3 years in Duluth and, apart from people I've met through work, it's been difficult. How do you go about asking another couple for a date?

I like your general idea B Cookie. A games night with other couples sounds appealing

so...the suggestion is a mixer!?! Hot damn...anyone play go? I'm a beginner myself, but I can hold my own.

too bad it's not summer and too bad i don't have a big backyard...or a grill...or a snooker table...I do have the aforementioned GO board!

When I get the rest of all that, I'll invite you over for a yard party...

Tamara and I are on the baby track, but we should be pretty adaptable now...

what about a mixer...for PDD's Couple Set as well?

How about a big orgy over at Gartman's house? I hear he throws great orgy parties...

Let's skip the orgy... lol.
Anyone have a house that would lend itself to a PDD Mixer?
Our little apartment is too small for more than 4 people at a time...
Of course, we could always have SPEED PDD MIXING... kind of like Speed Dating... hmmm?

I was always tempted to join in the nonchalant jaunt just to meet PDDers, but the whole idea of walking seemed not fun to me.
Now drinking... there's a hobby that I like! :D

Depending on the # of people involved I/we may be able to accommodate, only issue really is the busyness factor right now, Bridget is finishing up a bunch of art type stuff and there are half a dozen side things that need to get done... plus there's the whole cleaning thing. So if spring rolls around and we have procrastinated until then we can use this place, otherwise ummm... we could reserve/use the upstairs at Brewhouse one evening perhaps, unless someone else has an amenable space

I've got an inside track on the conference/party space at Chester Creek Cafe' that I could look into.

dar. I'd be down. Games night sounds good. I moved up here to go to UMD. My girlfriend and I have been up here for like 6 years, and could certainly use some new, er um more friends. It can be hard, and at my workplace (UMD Library) the closest staffperson to my age (excluding student employees, but I think they think it is weird to fratenize with staff) is 15 years older. So, what I'm trying to say is, we're in.

Hmm. Chester Creek or the Brewhouse... difficult decision. Perhaps check on both places?

Thanks for all of the responses/ideas. The mixer @ the Brewhouse may be a good idea so that nobody needs to worry about hosting.

So... who's going to set this up? If noone else wants to do it, I can do it - just let me know - drop me an email at pyntathotmaildotcom.

Go may be the go-to person for this Tamara, either place would be good, they both have benifits and drawbacks.

Brewhouse: don't know if you can 'reserve' the space, may be a bit spacially akward for a large group, has food has beer decent atmosphere

Chester Creek, downstairse space: Reservable, no beer, perhaps better physcial space, atmosphere (last time I was there was awhile ago), kinda meh.

(the pro and cons as I see them)

Those are the same pros and cons that I see with either space.

Here's my idea: Perhaps a mixer at the Brewhouse just to start (no games) and, if that goes well, then another night where we do games - it's kind of wide-open. I guess, IMHO, I'd rather meet people first and get to know them. That's easier to do in a relaxed atmosphere where people can have a bite or a drink. Opinions, anyone?

(oh, and I'll be happy to set it up...)

The downstairs space at Chester Creek is no longer available, the banquet space is upstairs and beer & wine (and coffee, tea, etc.) are readily available. Space still doesn't have as much atmosphere as Brewhouse but better than downstairs... I guess it would be good to know how large the group is going to be.

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