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save the date....AMENDED!!


the previous mason post was just the motivation i needed to finally post some exciting news. one of my current faves andrew bird will play in weber hall @ UMD on february 24th. he'll also be playing the night before at the fine line music cafe in minneapolis, with opening act haley bonar, who'll be spending the month+ previous traveling with him. SADLY, HALEY WILL NOT PLAY THE DULUTH SHOW. i'll hopefully be going to both shows. my pygmallionesque obsession with andrew bird basically requires it. plus the two new tracks on haley's website kick ass and i can't wait to hear more + get the new record.

i can't quite find out how to get tickets for an event sponsored by late night kirby versus an actual music department sanctioned show. anybody know more?


Incidently, the cover artwork for Haley's new album is done by Bridget. (my spouse)

Your arrogance is getting irritating.

well that's a helpful comment... arrogant how?

hands up now, more than 2 (non-annomanous pdd-ers) think I am too arrogant I'll move along and bother this place no more.


Yeah Amy, what do you mean by that comment?

I think it's cool. If my spouse had done the art for something, I'd be proud too.

if she's not joking, then i don't get it at all. but it's not like i haven't encountered many times being told that having a strongly held, well-articulated opinion is "arrogant." so oh well. what can you do?

be proud. nothing wrong with it.

BTW, i love Andrew Bird. he's someone i never delete from my iPod.

i'm a huge bridget riversmith fan!! i think she deserves her own show at the D.A.I.!

oooo! andrew bird! i discovered him when he opened for the magnetic fields last summer!

loveitloveitloveit! gave me a new found appreciation for warbling!

hey i was at that show too!

i know! i went with you! : p (sort of... wasn't as cool as you and your front row Elite)

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