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My First Diary Vlog


This is a little long but it my first video diary that I have made. It is over my frustration with politics of our time......



I have a feeling it's just me, just some short of shyness/Midwestern psychosis, but: I don't understand this kind of vlogging. It just seems really self-important, self-involved, masturbatory. I kept imagaining how it happened: Jeff sets up a camera on himself, thinks of what to say, and proceeds to self-interview. What is it? What does it mean? What the hell is a blog or a vlog for? Why am I commenting on this? What am I hoping to gain or convey? To who?

Today I am confused.

I do like to masturbate!!!!

Maybe it's the...uh...honesty... which makes me uncomfortable!

Thanks for the post, I'll have to watch it when I get away from work.

It makes me uncomfortable too, but I just wanted it to be out there how confused I am with the whole piltical outrage that continues to grow in this country. It also is showing how views that I have read on this site along with others is slowly changing the way I look at things and that even these communities voices are heard. Even by the most narrow minded of people like me.

I respect the fact that it makes you uncomfortable, and yet you do it. That's brave.

rush limbo? come on dude.
get a grip.
(my opinion) hey, maybe i shld make a film of me.


People, Jeff wants to start a revolution. He's not sure what the revolution will stand for, or how the revolution will accomplish the goals it stands for. But he wants to start it. So I say, let's do it! I mean, he was in the Military.

oh, well then...

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