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Passing it Along.

I'm passing this email from Donny Ness to you all in hopes that you musician types are in the know.

Dear friends of Homegrown, Things are changing with Homegrown this year and I wanted to give you a quick heads up. The festival now has non-profit status and is being run by a steering committee chaired by Alan Sparhawk and Amy Abts. Its a really good group, we've have a good plan for the year and I think we can make the festival even better than before. The top priority for the group this year is to be sure that all the bands enjoy the Homegrown experience and are paid for their set. We see Homegrown as a celebration of the local scene and a thank you to everyone who contributes to it throughout the year.

We are also looking for feedback and ideas from everyone who has a stake in Homegrown - we also want to keep in touch throughout the year and give updates on a regular basis with what's going on with the festival. We are planning to have a large gathering sometime in February or March as an opportunity for you and your band mates to share your thoughts on the 05 Homegrown and looking ahead to the 06 Homegrown. First things first, we need to get up-to-date contact information for everyone.

I need full names, e-mail, phone, and mailing addresses of everybody who plays in your band(s), including yourself. We have some contact information, but very little - we want to have a full database of local musicians so that we can send you mailings and other information as it relates to Homegrown. If you could get that to me by early next week, that would be a huge help. We want to mail a letter and survey to everyone by the middle of the month.

Also, if you know of new bands, artists in the area who have not played Homegrown before - send us their name(s) and any contact info you might have for them. Thanks for your help and you can look forward to more information from us in the near future...

Don Ness

Steering Committee Member


I'm glad Don Ness is working on this instead of that good-for-nothing Donny. Don is a can-do, get-things-done kind-of-a-guy, and I have no doubt that Don will make Homegrown more than the local-yokel circle-jerk it was in the past.

Let's all take this opportunity to disparage the Nelson brothers! Damn those Nelson brothers!

oh I know it.. The day after Homegrown I saw Tim Nelson in the Electric Fetus buying about six Cd's and I thought to myself, self why is he buying Cd's if there are still band and crew members that still haven't gotten paid by homegrown?? I know over ten people who were upset with the whole experience and thought that all the "freebies" of people who got in without paying a cent was stupid because they didn't help clean or do any work whatsoever..

"gettin my fix in 2006"

I think he should go with Donald instead of Don. Don Ness is kind of hard to say, and if something is worth doing it's worth overdoing, in my opinion.

Plus, I'm a big fan of using people's full given names.

I personally like "Donny Ness". It kind of rolls off the toungue.

"Don Ness" sounds like " Don S".

Also, what the Tim Nelson buying CD's for personal enjoyment have to do with anything?

Damn you, Meme Fan! You're evil instigating worked again!


1. "Also, what the HECK DOES Tim Nelson..."
2. "YOUR" evil instigating..."

When DonDonnyDonald was council president, and I'd watch the council meetings on PACT, I thought it was nice that his chair had a "D" for Donny on the back of it.

I wonder whay they didn't give other presidents their own special chairs.

PDD makes me laugh. Thanks.

oh the donness of it all.

anyone able to hook me up with Don's email addy...?

tried the link (??) and didn't get a reaction...

I'll probably get skinned for saying this, but I don't feel paying bands for their set should be a priority since we are only talking $50. It's a festival show designed to celebrate local music, not a regular gig. If $50 is so important to the yearly finance of your band than you're in trouble. It's nice, but not needed. I'd rather see more advertising, decorations, drink specials, and the best PA at each venue.

As far as Nelson bashing goes? Grow up. Put on your own shows. Be like Matt Milinkovich. He didn't like local music media so he put his money where his considerable mouth was and put out his own local music fanzine.

mrashley: you mean the whopping 3 Summit EPAs we got last year wasn't enough?

On top of the best PA at each venue... make sure there is someone there that knows how to run it too =)

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