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LIVE Duluth skit on SNL

Hey PDDers & SNL fans!

Did anyone catch SNL tonight (Sat. 1/14)??? I was up getting a beer when they started the "Live Duluth" skit. I know they had a shot of da Bridge and somebody snowblowing, but was there anything else cool? Does anyone have or can anyone find some screen shots of that skit?

New York Times, now SNL, next THE WORLD!


I just watched it too. Sort of a lame skit, just a band that wouldn't stop playing at a morning talk show.

Does anyone remember when Bone Appetit played that morning show? I think it was for Homegrown, and that TV guy who Lindquist was friends with hosted one.

That was quite possibly the longest skit I've ever seen on SNL. And I have seen a lot of long skits on SNL over the years. Painfully long.

It was pretty long and not terribly funny. But I did enjoy Fred Armisen's drum solo.

The one time I watch SNL in years and they use Duluth as the "little unheard-of town".

back when SNL started, they had a writer from MN, so Duluth got mentioned occasionally. but now, i don't know why.

that writer from MN was Al Franken...who bears the dubious distinction of being the 1st "Duluth Answer Man". Kind of like the green lantern saga, the continum of Duluth Answer Men has continued.

I was pretty amused initially, but the amusement wore off REAL quickly. I was wondering what inspired the skit. Are there any current SNL writers or cast from the Twin Ports area?

Maybe it's because Scarlett Johanson (the host) is banging Josh Hartnett & he's from Minnesota?

I knew I could find something here about that weird skit...yeah not that great but somewhat "fascinating". One thing I do know is that Fred Armisen probably was in Duluth with his band Trenchmouth in the early nineties, I think they opened for Nation of Ulyses at Emerson...

I didn't know Armisen was in Trenchmouth. I saw them years ago, but didn't know much about them at the time.

One of the writers (Paula Pell) is a cousin of former Renegader Debbie Kaczynski. I don't know if Paula wrote the sketch but you can be sure she's heard of Duluth.

A couple of years ago they used my name in a Debbie Downer sketch. (It was the Matuszak family reunion in Disneyworld). I always meant to sue them about that but it seemed like alot of work.....

Answer Man: Do not disparage the name of Scarlett Johanson. Esquire already did enough damage with the Benicio Del Toro article.

Anyways, back to what's important: Bone Appetit will be playing at Homegrown, as well as the Hot Rod/Sudden Death team known as Heartpunch.

that song cracked me up....i dont think they are trying to say anything bad about duluth... ive seen many bands where the group behaved similar to that group... and duluth seems to me.. a guy who has never been there.. like a place perhaps that would not opt for a liquor swilling madman to sing such a twisted theme song for the public access tv show..........in addition i think that most people realized that the song started out fitting the bill, and as it went on ... the song had less and less to do with duluth, and more to do with the fact that the band was totally insane

when SNL started, there was a writer BEFORE al franken who was from MN. also armisen is friends w. mr. sparhawk.

Can anyone record it? Would someone post a copy for those of us who missed it?

Will Ferrell mentions Duluth in an interview, says "I'm really impressed with Duluth, Minnesota. I've never been there, but from all I've read it seems like they have their act together."

man, do you people even have a sense of humor? YES, it went on forever, That was the point of the joke...he managed to sum up just about every 70s rock cliche in about five minutes...was everyone in a hurry to get to the next lame sketch about submarine-love-triangle drama? Jesus...and I thought the writers of the show didn't have a sense of humor.

Amen,Michael. I actually thought it was very funny. I think the Visit Duluth should purchase the song rights.

"We've got rebels making love every day....in the streets of Duluth."

That's genius.

Scarlett Johanson
im pretty sure is good friends with the hold steady. in fact i heard they played her bday party...
thats why. right.

Hmm...then it seems that the point of nearly every joke on SNL is that it goes on forever. ;+)

too bad it wasn't vinny and the stardusters....come to duluth.

The Duluth-SNL connection does indeed have a bit of a past. When Nathan Lane hosted the show 4 or 5 years ago there was a skit in which he played a prima donna actress gearing up for her roll as a Christmas tree. Will Farell played the eager theatre student helping her get dressed. Lane's charecter recalls performing "Death of a Salesman" at the Duluth MN Dinner Theatre and Garage. It's been a few years since I've seen it but I remember finding it very funny. I have it on tape some where. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents!

i thought it kicked butt and am trying to find out where i can download it

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