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searching the past and the future

I love stats. Don't you? In particular I love to see how people come to PDD. Above are the top searches which yield a PDD visit. My favorites? #19 is always a classic. I think it is a bit ironic that #9 is the band i saw before I got a #10.



Holy crap - me and my rotten pussy made it to #11 (though in all likely hood, it was just a bunch of people searching for tips to keep their cats from pissing on the floor...).

I think this internet thing is going to catch on.


how/where did you generate the graph?

What a rich tapestry is woven here...there's something for everyone!!

The graph is provided by our hosting company, Doteasy.

I use a program called "Grab" to do screen captures.

Command + Shift + 3 does the same thing on Macs.

Command + Shift + 4 lets you drag a marquee around whatever you want to screen capture.

The PrtScn button works for PCs (just past into some image editor).

I tried the fetish search. I was 23 pages back before I gave up. People with fetishes apparently have a lot of time on their hands. Or something.

The "fetish" link refers to the most frequently stolen image from this site, which is THIS.

i'm an excellent photographer. can you belive she's about to give birth to twins?

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