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It's Finally Happening...

Irish Pubs R Us Did anyone else read this in the DNT today? Finally!


Yay! More bars!

Holy crap! TWO Irish pubs in Duluth?!?
Beeing St. Paul Irish, I'm quite used to having Irish bars about every 40 feet (and half of them having a donation jar for the IRA).
When I moved to Duluth, I was given a list by my sister's boyfriend (who was at UMD) of all the cool places to eat, drink, etc.
I said "Just show me where the Irish bars are and I'll be fine!"
They looked at each other, then looked at me with a sad pittiful look.
"What? There aren't many good Irish bars?"
"Uh, actually, there are no Irish bars."
Until this very moment, I had not even considered the possiblitiy that a city could even exist without an Irish pub. It would be like picturing a city without street signs or fire hydrants... unheard of!
It almost brings a tear to my eye to picture my Duluth with a bit o' the green.
First round is on me!

Actually, there are at least two "Irish" bars in the Twin Ports already -- O'Gilby's on 4th Street and O'Neil's Pub in Superior. I put the word Irish in quotes because I once ordered a Guinness at O'Neil's (which is in a strip mall next door to Mr. Movies) and they told me they didn't have it, but might start carrying it because people come in and ask for it sometimes. If you order a Guinness at O'Gilby's, you'll probably be met with a blank stare.

An Irish bar is more than an Irish name. Not only do you expect Guinness to be on tap in every Irish pub, but when you get it, it's not cold.

So will Sir Ben's (English) and the Irish pubs start firebombing one another?
I kid I kid, if there is one thing to transcend violence it is booze. of couse sometimes that is the cause of the violence...

Well... Ed did say as Carmody's going to be an Irish wharf-type pub, so I'd expect Sir Ben's to send down some press gangs...

Met Ed Gleeson today, came into On the Limit for some t-shirts. His plans sound super cool, authentic food and atmosphere. He spent a good deal of time growing up in Ireland. On top of that he has plans for live music too.

Met Ed Gleeson today, he came into my workplace for some t-shirts. His plans for food, drink and atmosphere are great, sound authentic. He spent a decent amount of time growing up in Ireland. He has plans for live music too. My 25% Irish is 100% happy about this.

Oops, sorry about that, could not read my post at first. I'll be going now.

I can now drink warm, dark beer and belch in color!

I hope they help fill in the growing void, because of the policies of Pizza Luce.


soon superior street can be as sweet-tits as hammond avenue. try not to run me over as i stumble. i suppose the mayor won't be cuttin' ribbons at any of these joints.

Hi Folks, I am Ed's pub designer and my company, Celtic Erections will be doing the fit-up of Carmody's starting Tuesday 14th March. We hope to be up and running for St. Pat's - hope to see you there.

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