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I was a reality TV superstar

Those people in the big city are talking about our lovely women. Any of y'all know Janelle or Sally?


Sally can't be a real SW with just a BA. Must be something like a guidence councelor.

I _supose_ that's better then being the city with the DUI mayor, but not by much

So is it edgewood or edgeways? I'm so confused!

only in the biblical sense.

Edgewood is my actual IRL name, edgeways is/was the screen name I used upon signing up so if I post to the front page the blog just auto adds edgeways, but when writing comments I use edgewood simply becuse I know a fair number of the people here and just to confuse people I don't know (not an actual goal). On MeFi it is easier to deal with... In reality there are issues that makes what to call me even MORE confusing then all of that... Let's just say I have achieved an inner zen about names

Schumann went to Duluth Central HS. A guy I knew dated her for a while when we were seniors. It was one of those unheard of cross HS relationships (we went to East) that trascended all of our socioeconomic and philosophical differences.

Very touching.

I applied for and was interviewed twice for Survivor semi-finals. Kinda embarrassing, really. I can't help it - - I am obsessed. Really, I do have a life. It is just one of those guilty pleasures, like Doritos. Anyhooo, I heard this lady Sally applied 5 times and never got interviewed before this time, so maybe there's hope for us Survivor rejects afterall.

sally was my sister's best friend growing up. we just refered to her as "hotfriend". she got married a few years back and rode off on a white horse. no lie. a white f-ing horse with a cowboy.


I guess I forgot to mention that she's really hot.

Remember Lori from Big Brother 3? They kept using soundbites of her dorking it up with a fake Northern accent. I always hated that.

talk about dorking it up...you watched big brother 3.

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