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Hungry Cyclist Update.

Remember the Hungry Cyclist? Last summer he made his way through Duluth on his trek from New York City to Rio De Janeiro. He has completed his U.S.A. journey and is now headed into Mexico. You can read his latest update
here. I so want to go to Rio when he arrives.


Hey all:

I am a cyclist who has long pondered taking a really long ride at some point in my life. I love hearing about other people's excursions, so reading this post was a real treat, thanks!!!.

Does the Hungry Cyclist have a web site or blog, or does he do e-mail updates? Any info appreciated. Not that I mind reading about it through PDD...

While we're on the subject, here's another fellow who's written some great cycling stories, Joe Kurmaskie, a fellow Portlander:


Joe has two books out, both of which I highly recommend if you like stories about cycling and solo travelling.

I've also got a book on order authored by the late Barbara Savage called "Miles From Nowhere"... I can't wait until it arrives:


I pulled out "Travels With Charley" again the other day, too... no doubt about it, I'm feeling an urge to wander coming on.

st v

Sorry, I meant to link to his site. Here is the URL


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