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happy little clouds...

Bob Ross Rules So Hard!

This rules so much! Bob Ross, one of my favorite television personalities ever, passed to the other side a while back but his spirit lives on. Ace Hardware downtown is offering several painting classes this winter instructed by Bob Ross approved teachers. There are 4 paintings to choose from and they are offering each class twice. V-Nick and I are signed up for the February 11th Snowbound Cabin class. The best part is that it only costs $15.00. The classes last three hours and you walk away with your own Happy Little Clouds. All supplies are provided.

For more info go here. You can also call Ace Hardware at 218-722-4496.

Seriously, we should pack the 2/11/06 class with PDD'ers. Of course there will be some sweet Vlog action taking place.


I just tried to register for the same one (2/11) registration is closed on that one.

Watching Bob Ross is the most relaxing thing ever. I could literally feel the tension melt away during his show.
There's something about watching someone else draw / paint.

When I was in high school, my friend Dave didn't know Bob Ross' name, so he called him Art DiMaggio. I really don't know why.

Don't forget his crazy ninja friends: the backyard squirrels!


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