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Free Mason Jennings @ UMD

Free show Wednesday Night, 9pm, UMD.


you actually NEED a umd id to get into this event.

and a stick to fend off and fight your way through rampantly hormonal college kids...

Are there are any short & squat UMD students with medium-length dark hair who'd like to lend me their ID? Probably be good you're female.

Wow! That last comment makes no sense.

I didn't know they had him captive up there

He's stuck

It's actually a "Buy One Mason Jennings, Get THe Second Free" sale.

Frankly, until tamara and I move, I don't know where I'd put them both. He looks like he'd make a great plant holder. Or bookends...Tamara has a LOT of books that need ending...

damn duluthians and your music shows....

It's really nice that the Kirby Program Board and the "UMD Events Calendar" list absolutely nothing about this. Or his web site. Or his booking agent's web site.

Well, I suppose you're all hitting Grandma's afterwards anyway, so... neh.

hmm...Grandma's, eh?...now THERE'S an idea!!!

Mason Jennings Audio Interview at www.localm.com

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