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Fly High Deluth! [sic]


Here's a crappy, two-part link to the SNL skit about Duluth that aired last weekend.

Part One
Part Two


wow... that sucked.

Yep. And it's almost 10 minutes long. Don't shoot the messenger.

kinda nice to see a bit of Death Cab Fer Cutie at the end of part deux.

This town is so crazy.

Yeah...were it not for the Duluth mention, I would have a hard time distinguishing it from all the other exceedingly long skits on SNL... ;+)

It's Port Authority!!!
Time to head to Schooner's!!

I really enjoyed that bit of the Death Cab song! Was Scarlett Johanson the dark haired girl? if so, i had no idea she could sing!

The first 25 seconds are actually pretty funny. Post-holiday bargains and health tips are what local programming in Duluth is all about.

"News you can use!"

come on everybody!! Aside from the bad download, it was pretty funny. They hit the nail right on the head. Right down to our beautiful hippies. I've been away from Duluth for a while and I watched it again and laughed my ass off. Makes me miss Starfire and Lundgren. And of course Mark Mallory and all of his made up glory...

Link to Fly High Deluth lyrics: http://members.cox.net/tg92107/page2.html

Yeah....I thought this was pretty darn funny. I laughed hysterically when this aired.

To each his/her own, I guess.

"We got rebels making love in the streets everyday!!"

I laughed so hard at this.

I thought the skit was good...or maybe I'm just in awe of any man who can take down a bottle of Jack in that short a period of time...

I laughed sooooooo hard at this skit. Being from EastTexas and a recent transplant to North Dakota, I thought Will Forte caught the accent perfectly. Also, playing every cliche' of 70's anthem rock mixed with pseudo-cryptic Jim Morrison antics and his oedipal references was genius. I mean, knowing the stoicism of people up here and his screeching that his love is consecrated in the "BLOOOD OF THE APACHE NAAAAAATIOOOOON!" Jesus, on a morning cable access show in Fucking Duluth, Minnesota in a "little down by Mexico way where the women are loose and the booze is cheap"...Brilliant, probably just nudged out more cowbell for my favorite skit of all time!!!!

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