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EuroBad '74


Here's a brief photo tour of Europe's worst interiors of 1974. Don't thank me; thank the Internet.


I think there's some poor translation going on here. Instead of "worst" they obviously meant to say "totally awesome."

What's with the little kid lifting up that chick's skirt?

Most of them were undeniably excellent. A horse stall in your kitchen? Makes sense.

One thing which should be banished from the earth: shag carpet in bathroom.

reminds me a lot of Graceland, same sort of things

Surely they meant "EuroRAD" instead of "Eurobad," because those are fantastic. I love the green kitchen with matching car, that is magnificent.

I wish my bathroom had a bidet... You know how hard it is to get pre-moistened toilet paper.

Uhh, Paul, I need those release forms for those pictures you took of my home decor...

and i'd appreciate a little warning if you choose to take PDD on a little virtual tour of my pad in the future.

Xenolith, pre-moistened toilet paper is all the rage nowadays. Seriously.

Check out Final Wipe and never wipe dry again.

And if you need even more refreshment "back there," check out Sphincterine, it's like Listerine for your ass!

(God, I know way too much about butts.)

Wow, maybe you really should consider a career in proctology... ;+)

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