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embarrassed yet?

Whats the most Embarrassing thing on you MP3 player? Everyone has something, a song that they would skip past or turn down if someone else was listening. Mine would have to be... Hall and Oats. Yes it's an 80's thing. Dammit I admitted it. Moeview


I always search by artist, and it's really embarrassing that one of the first bands on the roster is 2 Live Crew. Hey -- it's from a mix someone gave me, all right?! I'd erase it, but I don't want to mess with the integrity of the mix.

I also have Hall and Oates, but I put that shit on there myself. Because your Kiss is On My List. Of the best things in life.

my biggest embarrassment is the black eyed peas. i can't help but get sucked into their catchy beats, even though pretty much everything else about the music sucks.

also, hall & oates is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Mister Rogers Theme

Actually, that's so uncool, it might be a little bit cool. The embarassing part is when my parents/inlaws and my kids were scrolling through the iPod over christmastime, and "She F*cks Me" by Ween rolled by. Oops.

Let's see what I've got here...
-Dr. Demento (I love that crazy man!)
-Fraggle Rock ("Let Me Be Your Song" is the catchiest puppet tune *ever*)
-Halloween Hoedown (It's Halloween, but it's *country* - ewww)
-Le Freak ("Freak Out" for a certain drama queen in my office)
-Marshmallow Peeps Sing Along (Got it as a joke gift from a friend due to my fondness of the sugary treats)
-Martha Stewart Living(her not-so-scary Halloween album.
-Neneh Cherry (I have to admit a certain fondness for my early rap/hip-hop roots)
-The Monkees (I grew up listening to the Beatles & their clones)
-Tomb Raider Soundtrack (cheesy bad movie but the soundtrack always ends up making my road trip list)

The classsic, "I Feel Like Home-made Shit", by the Fugs. It's a great song but the "I'll give up heffer-fucking" line can be awkward in some crowds.

I'd have to say that my collection of Dead Milkmen has manifested a few embarassing moments for me... with their classic, 'Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left-Handed Nninja Albino', or 'Let's Get the Baby High'. Either that or 'Detachable Penis' by King Missile.

I don't have an ipod, but I think the CDs that embarrass me the most are the ones that were given to me by someone, but I've never played.

Houseguests will peruse the collection and ask me, "Who is Bumpus? Are they any good" and I have to admit I have no idea. "Why do you have their CD?" Because I can't throw it away without listening to it. "Why don't you listen to it?" Because I don't want to.

Paul "Bumus" Lundgren.

Almost anything is potentially embarrasing depending on who is listening, but I will say I enjoy everything on there in it's proper time.

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass has a high embarrassing quotient

I gotta say, I'm proud to flaunt my Herb Alpert.

And my Sergio Mendez.

I have "Hot August Night" on my comp. So good.

Speaking of cringe-worthy music, check out Yatch Rock on http://channel101.com

Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap

I totally had "Ninja Rap" stuck in my head yesterday. No shit.


herb albert? embarrasing? i think not!

i mean alpert.

I am proud of my Herb Alpert!

Now my ummm errr...Barry Manilow, well that is a bit different.

i have tons of herb alpert. i'm not embarrassed by any music i listen to including the osmonds.

I finally brought all my old albums back from home over Christmas. Among a lot of other embarrasing stuff..... I have way to much Nazareth. Ugh. Anybody want to buy some Nazareth albums?

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