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Another Opportunity to Bitch, Moan, Rant, Whine, Complain or Otherwise Bellyache


Having just completed my 2006 Resolutions, I thought I'd open up a little forum for you all to finally get your own whimpering protests out of your system.

Let's just have one big vomiting of our grievances against society in the comments of this post. Then, maybe we'll be ready to fully appreciate the delightful radio streams and Bob Ross painting classes that the world has provided for us.

My name is Paul Lundgren. I am your spiritual guidance counselor. Eat my drugged pudding.


Well... if you discount the political things of which I am filled with spite and bile about, the only thing that bums me out about this year is that Mavis and Andy are moving to Marquette.

Say no to pudding.

Mavis and Andy are moving to Marquette? I'm sad. It seems like everyone moves away. Deserters. Go back to the beautiful U.P., see if I care.

Like Edge, the political crap aside, I am frustrated at the lack understanding I have with RSS feeds and putting them on my new non-blogger/movable type website. It is sooooo CONFUSING....

all good here...poop filled and saying thankyou

I hate when old rock stars like Phil Collins and Sting and Peter Gabriel shave their heads, start wearing black sweaters, and pose in thoughtful photographs making a "tent" of their fingers in front of their mouths.

Oh, the WISDOM! The wisdom of ... Phil ... Collins!

Go play a show with the London Philharmonic, assholes.

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