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Announcing: PDD Bios


After some consideration and a little bit of beta testing, there is finally a place where PDD'ers can post and/or read bios. There's already a handful of bios up, so check them out by clicking the button on the right of this screen.

Now, if you'd like to post your own bio, it's easy. Just do as you normally would to make a PDD post, only choose the "Your Bios" blog instead of PDD. Also, here are some IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS. Please READ AND FOLLOW THEM.

1. Give your post a title which is also your name. Failing to do this will cause problems for you and others down the line.

2. Create a category that is also your name. This puts your name in the alphabetical list of bios. If you fail to do this, no one will be able to find and read your bio.

3. When creating your category, capitalize your name. Otherwise, it will not be alphabetized correctly.

4. MAKE ONLY ONE BIO POST. When you wish to update your information, update the post you've already made.

Other than this, there is no set format for bios. They can be as long or short as you want them to be. Include a picture of yourself, a drawing you've made, a picture of your house, or no picture at all.

Now I will stop posting so much and leave you alone.


Good job Barrett, thanks. Sorry about that un capitalized name, guess I am responsible for the new guideline

S'ok, edge ... er ... Edgewood. It wasn't just you. Sorry everybody about the forcefulness of the guidelines. Have fun.

I can imagine why you may not want to implement this, but I found myself wanting to ask questions or post comments to some of those bio posts.

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