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January 31, 2006



Tonight, Tamara and I had to stop by the Whole Foods to pick up a few provisions. As we were walking out of the store and to the car right across from the front of the store, an idiot in a Big F-ing Hemi Powered Gas Guzzling Two Lanes Wide Piece Of Sh-t Why The F-ck Do You Drive One Of Those F-ing Things In The City Pickup Trucks turned from Fourth into the lot at a good 20 MPH, fairly narrowly missing Tamara (who, by now is about seven months along and about ready to POP) and I by just a few feet. He parked all by his lonesome on the far end of the lot between the bank and the store.

I could have caught him at the door and beat the piss out of him...but I didn't. Though I did think about it.

I did leave him a note under his windshield wiper that read:

Dear Sir,

While you were speeding through the parking lot here (and inattentively I might add), you nearly hit a pregnant woman.

Have a nice Day.

Lucky for him, I'm somewhat of a pacifist.

January 30, 2006

Tax That Crack!!!

Apparently, Tennessee has a Crack Tax.

tape player

anyone got a tape player they dont want anymore? I need one to complete my home stereo system, and so I can mix down off my 4-track. i already checked freecycle. i can buy it off you too.


Non-Interweb Event (2 years, baby)


Are you worried? I'm worried...

Stumbled across this... take a good look at that map.

Click Here

January 29, 2006

Wood for Sheep

Fear of Girls is on google video...a must see.

"You coulld make 8th level tonight..."

BTW I'm a 41st level wood elf ranger whats your class?

NSFW (not safe for most work)

February is ariving soon... and for Feb 2006 Radio: Edgeways productions is featuring 90 mins of material that is laced with profanity, sexuality and violence. Sufficed to say this may not be a radio stream for the office, unless your office mates like this sort of stuff as well. Same with small children, and the weak of heart.
If any of the above offends you, do not listen. Fair Warning.
If you find your life with not enough of the above, well, welcome traveler.

Radio: Edgeways Productions for February

January 27, 2006

Underpants are always funny

Especially on animals.



January 26, 2006

The Twin Terrors


January 25, 2006

To the FCC:

It is my understanding that Duluth, Minnesota's television station KDLH is due to have its broadcast license renewed soon. It is also my understanding that television stations must work in the public interest as they utilize public airwaves. One of the main ways TV stations work in the public interest is by providing local news broadcasts.

In the past year, KDLH's news service was taken over by another local station, KBJR. KDLH's news service was cut to a miniscule amount (5 minutes at 6:00 and 10:00pm, for example) and its news is now provided directly by KBJR staff.

Not only does KDLH provide an absolute minimum of local news, it offers the same news available on another station. I believe this lack of competition in news gathering is harmful to the public, as it limits the amount of available viewpoints.

I recommend that KDLH not have its broadcast license renewed until they offer a quantity of independent local news comparable to other stations, and further recommend KBJR's license be reviewed and possibly revoked for promoting anti-competitive practices.


Not So Quiet

Curling alert

curler LaBatts11.jpg

The 2006 US Junior National Curling Championship will be held at the Duluth Curling Club at the DECC all next week! They start playing sunday, 1/29 and the finals are saturday 2/4. The best curlers from all over the country will be coming to compete in Duluth. Come down and watch some great young athletes (and maybe future Olympians), and show support for the Minnesota teams.

Here is the official site:


Zombie Fun!

I just stumbled upon a website which teaches you how to turn someone into a Freakish Zombie in 11 easy steps using Photoshop. Here is my rushed attempt to turn Alan Sparhawk into a Zombie Rawk Star. First the original photo.

Pre-Zombie Al.

Now CLICK HERE to see Zombified Al.

Who else wants to be a Zombie?

Let's make this thing werk better.

q.pngSorry to keep bothering you folks while you're gabbing about Swedish rock and yellow furniture and Sam Adams and creepy Japanese things, but I'm trying hard to make this website rock as hard as it possibly can. Unfortunately for you, I can't do that alone.

I know you have opinions. That's why you're here. So here's an opportunity to privately and anonymously voice your opinions about Perfect Duluth Day.

Below you'll find a link to a few questions about how PDD is working for you. I'd really appreciate if you would take a few minutes to fill it out. Leave your name and e-mail and we can discuss it further, or if you'd prefer not to, don't. It doesn't matter if you've made a post or not, or whether you're a member or just a lurker. I want your opinions.

I want to make some significant additions to this site's features, but I don't want to wreck anything or do anything stupid or wasteful. While Starfire and I run this thing, it really belongs to you. Please let us know what you want.

Fill out the PDD QUESTIONNAIRE and help us dominate the universe.

January 24, 2006

Sweden ROCKED!

Svenska dansband!

Recipe for a cover band in Sweden, circa 1977.

1. Get your buddies together
2. Learn to play at least 3 chords
3. Buy matching shirts
4. Use your vast knowledge of the English language to pick a groovy name
5. Rock out with your cock out.

PDD Remembers: The UFIA Arcade Game

File this under creepy Japanese stuff.

You really must read this article. The series isn't so bad, either. Actually, the whole "NES Page" is actually pretty entertaining!

EuroBad '74


Here's a brief photo tour of Europe's worst interiors of 1974. Don't thank me; thank the Internet.

January 23, 2006

A Pirate's Booty...

What's Your Pirate Name?

Former Duluthian Makes the Olympics!


Mason Aguirre makes the Olympic Snowboard team. Read more here.

Way to go Mason.


January 21, 2006

slip 'n' slide

Has anyone else seen this photo of our mayor in this week's Budgeteer?

I HIGHLY recomend tracking down the full size version. It's CLASSIC.


If this doesn't indeed push him to "the Edge" then I don't know what will.

This hits just keep on comin'.

January 20, 2006

save the date....AMENDED!!


the previous mason post was just the motivation i needed to finally post some exciting news. one of my current faves andrew bird will play in weber hall @ UMD on february 24th. he'll also be playing the night before at the fine line music cafe in minneapolis, with opening act haley bonar, who'll be spending the month+ previous traveling with him. SADLY, HALEY WILL NOT PLAY THE DULUTH SHOW. i'll hopefully be going to both shows. my pygmallionesque obsession with andrew bird basically requires it. plus the two new tracks on haley's website kick ass and i can't wait to hear more + get the new record.

i can't quite find out how to get tickets for an event sponsored by late night kirby versus an actual music department sanctioned show. anybody know more?

January 19, 2006

Free Mason Jennings @ UMD

Free show Wednesday Night, 9pm, UMD.

Where have all the rental houses gone?

Are there any nice rental houses around? I've been searching for weeks and all I find are nice houses/creepy landlords or creepy houses/creepy landlords. Do any PDDers know of any nice places for rent in June?

Enter your Short Short Film


A friend at The Play Ground says they're still accepting entries for their Short Shorts Film Festival. Viewing of the top 10-20 finalists, and announcemnt of the three cash-prize winners, takes place on Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

Contest Rules:
• Film must be no longer that 5 minutes in length
• Film must not contain any nudity or any content that would give the film an R-rating.
• Film MUST have original or royalty free music that you have obtained permission to use.
• Film content must be original (no adaptations)

For information about entering, please call (218) 733-7555 or
contact Katie at [email protected]

More Short Shorts Film Festival Info

Your Next Governor


Running for Governor of Minnesota in 2006: Johnathan "The Impaler" Sharkey, a "Satanic Dark Priest, Sanguinarian Vampyre and a Hecate Witch."

According to his website, Johnathan is adamantly against the war in Iraq, harsh about drugs and DWIs, and believes in holding judges and prosecutors criminally liable for wrongful imprisonments. He will fight for same-sex marriages, tax relief for farmers, and better veterans' benefits. He promises to impale terrorists in front of the State Capitol.

He also plans to run for president in the next election. His wife will be his running mate, and if elected, she will be referred to as the "Queen of America."

Johnathan "The Impaler" Sharkey.

His friends call him Rocky.

Anyone have any details (or photos) of the nude protest today?
Click me to see

Hungry Cyclist Update.

Remember the Hungry Cyclist? Last summer he made his way through Duluth on his trek from New York City to Rio De Janeiro. He has completed his U.S.A. journey and is now headed into Mexico. You can read his latest update
here. I so want to go to Rio when he arrives.

January 18, 2006


searching the past and the future

I love stats. Don't you? In particular I love to see how people come to PDD. Above are the top searches which yield a PDD visit. My favorites? #19 is always a classic. I think it is a bit ironic that #9 is the band i saw before I got a #10.


Yum.gifI went to Yummies Candy Store in Kittery, Maine today and decided to video tape it. I always loved the songs. I hope you enjoy.http://www.podsea.com/Yum.html

January 17, 2006

Announcing: PDD Bios


After some consideration and a little bit of beta testing, there is finally a place where PDD'ers can post and/or read bios. There's already a handful of bios up, so check them out by clicking the button on the right of this screen.

Now, if you'd like to post your own bio, it's easy. Just do as you normally would to make a PDD post, only choose the "Your Bios" blog instead of PDD. Also, here are some IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS. Please READ AND FOLLOW THEM.

1. Give your post a title which is also your name. Failing to do this will cause problems for you and others down the line.

2. Create a category that is also your name. This puts your name in the alphabetical list of bios. If you fail to do this, no one will be able to find and read your bio.

3. When creating your category, capitalize your name. Otherwise, it will not be alphabetized correctly.

4. MAKE ONLY ONE BIO POST. When you wish to update your information, update the post you've already made.

Other than this, there is no set format for bios. They can be as long or short as you want them to be. Include a picture of yourself, a drawing you've made, a picture of your house, or no picture at all.

Now I will stop posting so much and leave you alone.

January 16, 2006

Fly High Deluth! [sic]


Here's a crappy, two-part link to the SNL skit about Duluth that aired last weekend.

Part One
Part Two

January 14, 2006

LIVE Duluth skit on SNL

Hey PDDers & SNL fans!

Did anyone catch SNL tonight (Sat. 1/14)??? I was up getting a beer when they started the "Live Duluth" skit. I know they had a shot of da Bridge and somebody snowblowing, but was there anything else cool? Does anyone have or can anyone find some screen shots of that skit?

New York Times, now SNL, next THE WORLD!

January 13, 2006

All The Pretty Horses Call it Quits.


All The Pretty Horses will be playing their last show tonight in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock. You can read a letter from Venus here. I'm glad I saw their last Duluth show at the Looch.

Road trip anyone?

January 12, 2006

hoo boy

Continuing the theam of noteworthy public figure photos. i give you ole' Rummy circa 1974


It's Finally Happening...

Irish Pubs R Us Did anyone else read this in the DNT today? Finally!

January 11, 2006



"i feel something slipping..." lil edie

nutty pat.jpg

embarrassed yet?

Whats the most Embarrassing thing on you MP3 player? Everyone has something, a song that they would skip past or turn down if someone else was listening. Mine would have to be... Hall and Oats. Yes it's an 80's thing. Dammit I admitted it. Moeview


Did anyone else in Duluth have their water bill spike up last month? I have spoken with several folks whose water bill nearly doubled last month. My water bill is always very steady but spiked up last month and is back to normal this month. I am talking usage and not the price, which is always increasing.

Is this just an anomaly or is there something else going on?

sound off.

January 10, 2006

It Tastes Like Burning

So... turns out, recordable media--CDs, DVDs, photos, blackmail material, &ct.--have a < 5 year life expectancy. Best bet: re-archive and re-burn on a regular basis.

You have been warned.

I was a reality TV superstar

Those people in the big city are talking about our lovely women. Any of y'all know Janelle or Sally?

My First Diary Vlog


This is a little long but it my first video diary that I have made. It is over my frustration with politics of our time......


January 09, 2006



Harriet Lane's post makes me think about one of the many problems with this blog, which is the lack of author bios. There has never been a decent solution for this. Back in the day, there was a roughly slapped-together bio page which had to be manually updated. People would e-mail their updates to me, and I would paste them into the HTML. It was a tedious process for me, and the levels of involvement prevented most PDD members from participating. Few people visited the page because the information was sparse and static.

I want a solution that will be easy for the user and functional for the reader. The best solution I can come up with at this point is to make an additional blog for bios; each PDD member would make one post, which would be their bio. To make updates, all they'd have to do is update that one post. Everything could be done from the same page you make your PDD posts from.

We do have the ability to create a list of all the PDD members and how many posts they've made, which is available here. I could easily use this to create links to bios, but it's updating the bios themselves that's difficult.

Any thoughts or ideas anyone has will be greatly appreciated.

January 07, 2006

Social hour

My husband and I recently moved to Duluth and we are having trouble meeting likeminded people to hang out with. We are getting tired of hanging out with my parent's friends who are approximately 60 years old. Ideas anyone???????

My New web features

Hey everyone,

Finally am figuring more out on my website and I have included a podcast section. Please check it out and throw some comments my way. Good or Bad!



January 06, 2006

Impromptu Show This Weekend:


Announcing: A Website. Click It.


Another Opportunity to Bitch, Moan, Rant, Whine, Complain or Otherwise Bellyache


Having just completed my 2006 Resolutions, I thought I'd open up a little forum for you all to finally get your own whimpering protests out of your system.

Let's just have one big vomiting of our grievances against society in the comments of this post. Then, maybe we'll be ready to fully appreciate the delightful radio streams and Bob Ross painting classes that the world has provided for us.

My name is Paul Lundgren. I am your spiritual guidance counselor. Eat my drugged pudding.

January 05, 2006

Edgeways radio january

The Radio stream for January is up... featuring remixed, covers, tributes and samples... 84 time units of ear candy for the masses.

Passing it Along.

I'm passing this email from Donny Ness to you all in hopes that you musician types are in the know.

Dear friends of Homegrown, Things are changing with Homegrown this year and I wanted to give you a quick heads up. The festival now has non-profit status and is being run by a steering committee chaired by Alan Sparhawk and Amy Abts. Its a really good group, we've have a good plan for the year and I think we can make the festival even better than before. The top priority for the group this year is to be sure that all the bands enjoy the Homegrown experience and are paid for their set. We see Homegrown as a celebration of the local scene and a thank you to everyone who contributes to it throughout the year.

We are also looking for feedback and ideas from everyone who has a stake in Homegrown - we also want to keep in touch throughout the year and give updates on a regular basis with what's going on with the festival. We are planning to have a large gathering sometime in February or March as an opportunity for you and your band mates to share your thoughts on the 05 Homegrown and looking ahead to the 06 Homegrown. First things first, we need to get up-to-date contact information for everyone.

I need full names, e-mail, phone, and mailing addresses of everybody who plays in your band(s), including yourself. We have some contact information, but very little - we want to have a full database of local musicians so that we can send you mailings and other information as it relates to Homegrown. If you could get that to me by early next week, that would be a huge help. We want to mail a letter and survey to everyone by the middle of the month.

Also, if you know of new bands, artists in the area who have not played Homegrown before - send us their name(s) and any contact info you might have for them. Thanks for your help and you can look forward to more information from us in the near future...

Don Ness

Steering Committee Member

January 03, 2006

happy little clouds...

Bob Ross Rules So Hard!

This rules so much! Bob Ross, one of my favorite television personalities ever, passed to the other side a while back but his spirit lives on. Ace Hardware downtown is offering several painting classes this winter instructed by Bob Ross approved teachers. There are 4 paintings to choose from and they are offering each class twice. V-Nick and I are signed up for the February 11th Snowbound Cabin class. The best part is that it only costs $15.00. The classes last three hours and you walk away with your own Happy Little Clouds. All supplies are provided.

For more info go here. You can also call Ace Hardware at 218-722-4496.

Seriously, we should pack the 2/11/06 class with PDD'ers. Of course there will be some sweet Vlog action taking place.

Luce Cuts Back on Music.


This might be old news by now but not to me. Pizza Luce is cutting way back on music especially lower drawing local bands. You can read a thread aboout this topic here. So what does that leave Duluth with? The Tap Room, Brewhouse, Sir Ben's. Duluth's "scene" continues to shrink. What happened to the glory days? I have pretty much stopped contributing but where is the next generation? What is the next great age of Duluth aRt going to be?


January 01, 2006

Dubious distinction

Sweet. I've got the first entry for PDD of 2006. Luckily, I'm one time zone away, so I can still go to the bar and be [sort of] cool.

What's your motto for the new year (instead of a resolution)?