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Your attendance is requested.

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Mark me as flying solo. Bobbob has told me to take a short jump off a tall bridge, so it's just me baby, (spoken as Ric Flair) ALL NIGHT LONG. WOOOOOO!

Since today is your actual birthday, Happy birthday to you Barrett. What luck to have the busiest post office day of the year fall on your birthday. But I know you'll make up for it later.

Happy birthday boys but as a couple of writers I think you should spell check your poster

It should be e-before-i on Raleigh Street, for those of you scratching your confused heads at home. (I have the luxury of looking at the street sign out my window to spell check that.)

Have you thought of a theme for the party yet? Maybe, dress as your favorite PDD Post? Perhaps a contest to see who looks the best in Paul/Barret's pants?

Gee, Webster, thanks for putting a damper on the fun.

Misspelling Raleigh Street is enough to make me lose one of my West Duluth stripes.

Actually, misspelling RalIEgh Street gives you more West Duluth cred, as the kids say now a days. There's no way a true West Duluthian spells RalIEgh correctly, unless so drunk that the misspell their misspelling to make it a correct spelling.

Well I had fun. A little bruised, but I still had fun...here's to Sam Adams!


That was some good time! I think that I killed off waaay too many brain cells. Not that you've shown us your neighborhood bar, I'm going to have to introduce you to mine. Let's go for cocktails some time at the Roundup!

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