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You can't take that stuff to Canada...

A dear friend of mine works for the Blue Man Group show in Toronto and she would love to have her family join her in Canada for the holidays. Problem is, two of them have DUI's and have been turned away at the border before and they don't have time to apply for the Temporary Residence thingie. We know there is this mythical pay $200 for a permit to get in but we have no idea how to get one and we can't seem to talk to a human at the consulate. I figure SOMEONE on PDD has had a similar problem-not that I think you're all a bunch of drunks or anything...te he he! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


wierd...my friends Jess and Nathaniel go to Winnepeg every summer for that hippie folk music commie festival thingie there, and Jess has had a DUI...wonder how that works?

It's called the turn back something or other. 18,000 were turned away last year. If you are flying they possibility of being checked is really high and if you are driving it's hit or miss. Her brother tried to go up last summer and ended up sleeping in the backroom of a store in International Falls.

I know there is a way of getting there, you just have to have someone else driving that hasn't had a DUI ever.
or you could try to just drive real fast and not stop. I'm sure that'll work just fine.ha ha

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