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Unused Domain

My most recent column is about unused domain names. It got me to wondering, what are YOUR favorite unused URLS?


Funny you should mention this. I just got done reading an old Onion and their STATshot was.....unused domain names. Some that they had listed were:

and my personal favorite...

I remember seeing that Onion STATshot after my first article ran. I was kind of upset at first that they had ripped me off, until I came to my senses and realized that it's not exactly the most unique idea in the world, and the Onion probably did a funnier job than I did.

If I told you I would then have to kill you.

I like any unused domain that is 4 letters or less. Not many of those left. That is how I came about zoyx.com. Just plugging in random 4 letter words until I got an unclaimed domain name.

I think that is how Billy Corgan named his former band, Zwan. Just found a simple unused domain name. That became the name of his band.

If I make a porn site, look for ingestedcums.com. Got that from a skinny puppy lyric.

back when scumbag bill o'reily was talking about putting togeather an enimies list I considered registering www.pickmebill.com (which is available) and running a short term site where people could register to be put on bill's list which i would then foward after a time... but i didn't


Religious, pro-life, straight-edge, homophobes who hate everything about Duluth.

hey! apparently there's no www.permanenterection.com! shit!

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