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This is why we drink

Connect Duluth's annual list of "Top Ten Things to Look For in Duluth Politics" for 2006. (link to PDF)


Reading that thing made me go through half a bottle of bad whiskey! UGH!

About what you'd expect from those neanderthals ... except I thought the list would be funnier!

"A little comedic" indeed ...

i kinda liked the etch-a-sketch one.

"...they took the step of scanning the city budget into an Etch a Sketch..."

In other news, Etch a Sketchs now have a computer interface.

Included in the incentive package are free latte, espresso
and turtle mocha, Birkenstock sandals and socks,...

I love the way they throw around the word "Birkenstocks" like 2nd graders saying "boobies" or Beavis and Butthead saying "wood"

"Uuhhhh...huhuh...you just said 'Birkenstocks'"

"Yeah,heheh...'Birkenstocks'...heheh...'Birkenstocks'... 'Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks...heheh."

"Uuuhhhhuh..huhhuh..that's pretty cool Beaviths."

Stop trying to be funny Beavis.

Ya know, I've lived in this town most of my life and I can almost put faces to people who'd write that stuff. These are the same people who see Duluth as a "big International Falls" instead of a "small Minneapolis". They are up at Wal Mart with their Bush stickers and their marriage = man + woman bumper stickers. Instead of worrying about someone's same sex marriage, why don't they worry about their no-sex one?

If they're so worried about drug dealing downtown, why aren't they down there confronting the "dealers" and picketing with signs the same way they do with Planned Parenthood or the GLBT Pride Parade? Oh, I just remembered: the folks on 1st St would kick their sorry white asses. They're not scared of the Planned Parenthood or GLBT stuff.


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