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Spicy Food

Minnesotans are famous for not liking spicy food, but I know that some folks around here like it very much. I'm from California, so I've been eating spicy food since birth. I'm finding that spicy food is not exactly hard to find in restaurants and grocery stores, as long as you don't need it to be burning hot. For example, if you order a dish "hot" at our Indian or Thai restaurants, you basically get it a California Medium. That's usually what I like anyway, but ...and here is my question.... where do you go if you want some food that is really hot? I will accept restaurant dishes and grocery store items as long as they can be had in Duluth. I have had the Extreme Jamaican Hot Wings at Green Mill, and they're hot and tasty, and hot in a way that can give you the firey runs if you eat too much, actually. And I like to buy Kim Chee at the Asian grocery on 4th street. What are your spicy Duluth favorites?


Well, if you've never tried the Drunken Noodle at Thai Krathong, I would recommend that. They are super hot and very tasty too!

My friends have found that if you go to the ethnic restaurants, ask for "hot" in their language. That way they know you're *serious*.

For a good hot sandwich, ask for jalapeno relish at Northern Waters Smokehouse in the DeWitt-Seitz building. Its got heat and flavor.

Hot - you want hot? Nice!

Admittedly, my experience with very spicey foods is mostly limited to chicken wings, but I'll put in my $.02 anyway.


Hacienda del Sol (downtown on E. Superior St.) -
Their "hot" dishes are pretty spicey, even for me. Of course, your Royal Spiceness might only find them mild.

Ground Round - Ask for the "Suicide Wings." Don't come crying to me the next morning. (Wings are $.25 a pop on Wed. nights)

Grizzly's - Wednesdays are "Wing-it-Wednesdays" and you can get 2 pounds of wings and a domestic pitcher for $10. When you order, ask for the manager and tell him/her that you're "Challenging the cooks" to see how hot they can get the wings. Otherwise their "hot" barely tips the "medium" meter.

Hope that helps!

I never knew that about minnesotans. But it all makes sense now. (I think doritos are too spicy...)

Try the hot buffalo wings at the third rock in Soup town. We've had them a couple times, and we love hot food, but these are yummy screaming hot. Also, the new Lakeview Castle has some very hot wings. Ask for em hot with lot's of sauce. They burn your lips, so careful if they're chapped! Also, I always have a bottle of Sri Racha hot sauce and coriander chutney on my table, which I buy at the oriental market on 4th. The Sri Racha is great in soups and chili, pretty hot! And the chutney has a nice heat for pizza and fish.

the guadalajara in superior keeps those tobasco-sized bottles of habanero sauce out on the tables for spicin' your shit up. you can buy them at cub, too. as far as salsa, i like mrs. renfro's habanero hot, which cub and jubilee carry.

recently i was surprised by hotness (surprised by hotness!) at the duluth athletic club. their thai peanut dressing was spicy and damn delicious. whoda thought.

both the India Palace and Taj India can kick it New Delhi style...

I'm a sucker for Rogan Josh, Saag and Matar Paneer, and mmm mmm chutney!

the pakora at the I.P. can be a tad on the spicy side at times, then again it all depends on who's cooking.

and to be fair, i was born and raised in Texas, and travelled to CA and west, visiting southeast and southwest asia...i got the hotness in my blood!

Luce's biscuits and gravy are a theraputic spice-o-rama on a cold sunday morn, or when ya have a case of the sniffles...

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