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Soda and Alcohol

It's December, the official month of drinking. (There is the argument that Rocktober is the official month, but come on!)

I bought a bottle of Campari and a six-pack San Pellegrino Aranciata yesterday. Aranciata is the regular orange flavor of San Pellegrino, and is a (poor) substitute for Chinotto. I had a bottle of Chinotto in NYC, but can't find it where I'm living. Does anyone know of a source in Duluth? Italian Village? I'll be in town a few days around Christmas, and I'm going to need some ...

If you haven't had Chinotto ("sour orange"), it looks like cola and tastes like kumquat + root beer + cough syrup. It is the bomb. With the bitter citrus of Campari ... untouchable. Like bizarro Ruby Red grapefruit juice for grown-ups. Something like that.

As long as I'm mentioning weird sodas: I saw a two-liter bottle of Rock & Rye-flavored soda in a convenience store in Ironwood one time. I'm still kicking myself for not buying some. Rock & Rye liquor is whiskey, flavored with rock candy (or so my Mr. Boston book says), so I have no idea what a Rock & Rye soda would be. Jarrito has Sangria flavored drinks, so maybe something like that.

If you can find Boylan's Cane Cola, hit that up. It has bourbon vanilla in it, so it tastes (to me) like a non-alcoholic whiskey-Coke. That's a good thing.


I didn't understand a fucking word you said. Give me a Shlitz.

[Excise all mentions of non-alcoholic beverages above.]

Who else felt the brute force of twin Last-Chance-Liquor-closeout-specials Yukon Jack Snakebite and that terrible "spiked cola" stuff that Hot Rod brought to the HomeGrown kickball game in 2004?

True story: a couple of Novembers ago, I got into the Snakebite before a Bone Appetit show at a Central Hillside apartment, missed the show and woke up in St. Paul.

all right, if you mix it, I'll try it. But I'm still bringing a case of Schlitz just in case...

Do not overlook the potential of blood orange juice and your favorite alcohol. Italian blood orange soda is also nice if you prefer some fizz.

I guess for people who didn't grow up in Michigan, Faygo sodas are a new experience. Rock 'n Rye was a large part of my childhood (along with Vernor's ginger ale and Ernie Harwell on the radio). Perhaps that explains my fondness for Seagram's and creme soda.

I know you can get aranciata at I village, and I do believe they have chinotto too (the brown stuff right?) plus they have the limonata version which is like lemonade on acid. mmmm

If you really grew up in Michigan B cookie, you would be calling it POP not soda

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