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Just thought I'd share for those that don't get today's paper.


wow! i've been living under a rock! thanks!

What's with the shirt? Is that the latest in Jail wear?

queer eye for the straight guy??

I know that everyone already knows about the mayor's mishap, but if you don't get the DNT (like a lot of people), you would have missed out in the splendid photo of Herb all messed up in his 80's hashion finery.

Ooops "fashion finery".
"Hashion finery" would have been a totally separate thing to get arrested for.

BAC of 0.161!!!!!!

Good lord Herb. You weren't drunk. You were wasted.

What a loser...I had heard that he had a drinking problem & I guess my source was accurate.

.161? wasted? c'mon, that's barely a decent buzz.

I'll still take
him over Doty.

Funny thing is, I was just thinking that very same thing earlier today.

Yeah... he made a stupid choice. Thank goodness no one got seriously hurt. He seems like a likable fellow overall.

The big differance between Herb and many other politicians? He admits his mistakes. Now, hopefully he learns from them

The only reason he admitted it, was because he was caught. He will always be a loser.

For more on him and the citizen's comments around the city check these two sites:


that wacky mayor...what will he do next?? Gosh we all love him so...in fact I love him so much let's put up another hotel in downtown! Yeah! That's what we need! Oh, and I'll have another beer for the road.

That shirt looks like one that Garth Brooks would've had the good sense to throw out.

ah yes... everyone here is well aware of the POS blog citizens (cough) blog . com .

Now if only Herb was an AWOL ex coke head who didn't admit to any mistakes, he could be the next president.

heh heh

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