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Oh me, oh my. You have to love our politicians

Nothing like getting sauced and driving to chicago!


Can I ask and receive forgiveness if I don't pay my property taxes this year??


Drunk at 6:35 PM... well done Herb! {sarcastic clapping}

The pressures of power are intense.

Herb is gonna have a bad week.

Yes if you pay your fine and deal with the consequences of making a mistake. I hardly think either way it is going to be easy for him. Remember who came before him.

An ex-cop and a current mayor. Bad move Herb, baaad move.

Herb's misadventures got picked up by the AP wire!

You can read all about it all over the upper midwest. From North Dakota down to Illinois. Watch the story on TV in Minneapolis and Green Bay. It's nice to see Duluth in the news.


yeah...and they're having a field day with this over on the duluth citizen's blog...it appears that the once present 'moderatrors' have stepped aside and let the posters have at it, slander, defamation and libel be damned!

Are you kidding? If any duluth resident gets in trouble for anything, we know that we have our city councilors behind us to say "ah, it's the holidays, forgive them". This one is going to destroy Bergy Boy.

oy. the worst part would be getting your beat-up arrest photo on the front page of the local paper. wonder how that would feel...

definitely bad timing, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out he was one step over the line (i.e., one drink). noting the time of the offense (an hour and a half after work on Friday, which is usually when he's expected at one of those elbow-rubbing, cocktail hoo-has), and knowing well the ice issues on that particular road at this time of year, the actual cause of the accident may not have been alcohol at all, just coincidental. (albeit stupid--could have waited another hour and been good to go. it's just that Chicago's a 7.5 hr drive, and i'm sure it was too tempting to get going.)

i personally think he handled the whole mess with some class, seeing as he's the one who contacted the DNT first.

Saw it comin' Herb and his wifey love to toss em' back. untouchable in his town but any packer fan that runs MN plates will pull you over. Just saw his beat-up mug shot on KARE 11s' six news. Looks like he was hit by a big Miller Lite truck. News report stated that he asked the onlookers to push his car to the side of the road. He also asked them to not call johnny law. I wonder how his next talk to this years MADD panel will go?


Ugh. Herb, Herb, Herb. I wish it were the case that he was just "one drink over the line" but the report says he was more than twice the legal limit, which would be at least .16. Yeah.

Where does it say he was twice over the limit? What I see is
"The accident remains under investigation. Bergson's blood alcohol level won't be available for at least two weeks, Trooper Anthony DeSteffano said."


Read the report. BAC 0.161, roads dry and in good condition. No excuse, no pardon. He should be treated the same as if you or I ran our car off the road. At least he only hurt himself. Would you sing the same song if the gardrail was your family?

If you are talking to me, I wasn't singing and song I was just wondering where it said that.

ca-chee, sing away babe. it's clear that tremolite has no worries being that he/she rides on a high horse & all...no maddsies are monitering the stables....yet.

yup. i was wrong about "one drink." oh well.

i'm not sayin' BTW, that he should be treated any different than anybody else. and i don't dispute that he did a dumb thing. i just think that many times, one car accidents and alcohol indulgence might be coincidental rather than causal. we all are quite aware that "legal limit" and feeling impaired can sometimes part ways. i'm not talking about legal consequences being more flexible, only that circumstances can matter as far as how you think of a situation.

it would seem, however, that this might not have been one of those times, based on reports. (which could be wrong, of course.)

if only Julian were still in town, he could get a job as Herb's new driver, seein' as how the man's going to be spending mega-bucks to navigate his job... if i were a cab-driver, or unemployed with a decent car, i'd be sending a resume to the Man cc'd to Pappas tout suite.

hbh--you funny, girl. Herb may need the services of a chauffeur--and pronto!

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