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My Tribe...

I was doing a bit of searcing around the net the other day for some info on a coffeehouse I used to hang out in a decade ago when i used to live in the Pacific Northwest. Google pointed me to a Wikipedia listing for The Last Exit on Brooklyn, which was the name of the coffeehouse I used to spend an obnoxious amount of time in. Excitedly, i dug a little further into the info and found that there is a whole group on tribe.net dedicated to the old place (i'ts closed down shortly after I left Seattle in '95), filled with old friends and aquaintances and such that i used to know...and tribe, i don't know if any of y'all have clicked around that place but, it's really really neat.

try this on for size:

Duluth, y'all

i established it solely for the novelty of setting up the first Duluth tribe...never wanting to try to compete for attention or draw attention away from (IMHO) the niftiest city blog/page around...



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